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IPC Software Options

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TI has a rich (and confusing!) history of IPC solutions. This article describes some of those options, as well as identifies what is supported/recommended across TI devices.


Product Name Recommended for Devices Status
DSP Bridge OMAP1, OMAP2 No new releases
DSP Link 1.x DM6446 (via Linux DVSDK), DM6467 (via Linux DVSDK), OMAP3 (via Linux DVSDK), OMAP2 No new releases
IPC 1.x and/or SysLink 2.x DM816X (via Linux EZSDK), DM814X (via Linux EZSDK), OMAP-L138 (via MCSDK) Maintenance releases
IPC 3.x TCI663X (via MCSDK), OMAP54XX (via Linux GLSDK), DRA7XX (via QNX SDK, Linux GLSDK, Android SDK and BIOS AVSDK) Active development

Status Details

  • No new releases - available for use, but users should not expect updates or changes, even for reported bugs
  • Maintenance releases - no new features, occasional critical bug fix releases may be made
  • Active development - new features continue to be added and new releases are planned

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