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I just want my video codec to work with the DVSDK

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The purpose of this topic is to show the recommended flow when using the DVSDK. The presentation referenced has been used in various worldwide TI offices to demonstrate how to go from mpeg4.lib to a full DVSDK Codec Engine real-world video application in ~ 1 hour.

In order to do this several new tools and new Ease of Use features are leveraged to speed up integration. These include:

  • QualiTI_XDAIS_Compliance_Tool revival - Checking algorithm XDAIS compliance
  • {{#tiwikiurl:TopTenCodecPackageCheckList | Top 10 codec recommendations}} - avoiding system integration headaches
  • Codec Engine Ease Of Use enhancements - e.g. createFromServer to avoid memory map inconsistencies.
  • Auto-generating codec packages with the RTSC codec packaging wizard
  • Auto-generating DSP executables with the RTSC server wizard, creating combos, leveraging Configuro
  • The Digital Video Test Bench (DVTB) - Standard app for evaluating VISA codecs, scripting to ensure correct params
  • 1-pager apps ([DMAI]) - Simple apps you can write that work on dm6437, 6446, 6467, 355 etc.

Please check out the presentation - it should help with the overall DVSDK integration flow:

Tools for Fast Integration of DaVinci Multimedia Codecs into Applications