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Installing the AM37x SDK

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The ti-sdk-AM37xx-v4.x.x.x will install the necessary components to build applications for the AMxx processor group. The SDK consists of source for the Matrix App launcher starting point application, a development filesystem, a target filesystem, an IDE (CCSv5), Pin Mux Utility, Flashtool applications, the AM37xx-PSP, Graphics SDK, WLAN and documentation.

Please note the user must first have installed the Code Sourcery tools necesary to compile and link. Please refer to Installing CodeSourcery for more information on how to install the tools.

The ti-sdk was built and tested against a specific Linux Distribution name and version, Ubuntu 10.04. Note this does not prevent the user from installing the SDK on other Linux distributions.

To assist the user in getting a to a point of starting development the installer contains an Environment Set Up Script that will run with the Linux Distribution specified for the ti-sdk. This particular script sets up several functions needed by the SDK such as the Java runtime for the CCSv5 IDE. While it is written for the current distribution the user can modify the script to fit their particular distribution. Please see the picture for a block diagram of the development environment setup for ti-sdk. Please also note that this script is specifically tied to Ubuntu 10.04 as will make specific package installations that are only known to work on this release.

AM37x Env ov 1 KC.jpg

Summary of what happens as the installer runs

1. Confirm
User is to confirm if loading the ti-sdk is ok. This is important to note in the user is trying to over-install on an existing directory and has made changes to the directory.

2. Toolchain Verification
The Code Sourcery toolchain is required and the installer will perform a verification that the correct package is installed based on user input. An example is given below.

3. Directory Install Location
The user will be prompted for a location on where to put the ti-sdk. An example is given below.

4. Installation of software
The software is installed.

5. Environment Setup Script
If the user is running the supported Linux distribution they will have the option of running the environment script that will set download from Ubuntu several packages that will enable tftp, nfs, serial console and the IDE. This is shown below. This script is run after the installer completes and should only be run once. If the user decides to re-install the environment setup script does not need to be run again.

How to run the installer

The installer is found on the 3rd partition (called Start Here) of the SD card in the EVM box. It may be run double clicking on it once it is on the desktop of the linux development host.

Or bring up a terminal window and change directories to the where the 3rd partition is mounted and run the installer with the following command:

AM37x Run the installer.JPG

Toolchain Verification

The installer will ask the user to verify the version of the Code Sourcery toolchain. The location that the user inputs will be used by the installer to setup paths used by the included software projects to build the projects.

Below are some of the series of panes that the user will see and use to determine the installed toolchain.

This first pane is provided information on the version of the toolchain required and where to find it if the user does not have this particular version.

AM37x Toolchain info req.JPG

This next pane the user indicates where their toolchain is installed. This path is then installed in the user's .profile and other files used by the included projects and makefiles.

AM37x Toolchain dir selection.JPG

This is the message returned to the user if the user has found the correct version of the tools.
AM37x Toolchain found.JPG

Where to install the ti-sdk package

The default selection of where to install is the user's home directory. In this particular example the name of the user is user.

AM37x Sdk dir selection.JPG

Environment Setup Script

Please refer to Environment Script Details for more informaiton on this environment script and what applications it installs.

One of the last panes of the installer is to let the user know about running the environment setup script. This script will first check to see if the user is running on the Ubuntu 10.04 distribution, if not it will exit. If the user is running on a different distribution they are encouraged to modify the environment setup script to match their distribution.

AM37x Env setup.JPG

The environment setup script is located in the top level of the ti-sdk directory, please see below: AM37x Where is env setup script.JPG

To run the script:

AM37x Run env script.JPG

Alternatively, you can double click the script from the /home/user/ti-sdk-AM3715-evm- folder and click Run In Terminal.

Envscript gui.png

Here is a link to a version of AM37x Ti-sdk-ubuntu-env-setup, please consult the actual install directory for the current version.

In addition to the packages installed by the Ti-sdk-ubuntu-env-setup, you may wish to add the following two packages to help your development:

  • ncurses-dev - This is needed you plan to use "make menuconfig" when building the linux kernel. If you are not sure download this package. It is also necessary to use the matrix_tui
  • mtd-utils - This package is needed if you need to build any flash file systems.
    • if this package cannot be located try mtd-tools instead

For details on how to download these packages, please see the following article: