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Introduction to Linux One-Day Workshop

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Information Outdated

This workshop was developed several years ago with a previous version of the SDK and Code Composer Studio. I will no longer work with the Processor SDK. The information is being left here purely for reference.


Are you ready to dive into the world of Linux? The Linux open-source operating system is a powerful and robust platform for developing embedded systems; however starting a Linux development can be daunting and time consuming for those who have not previously developed in an embedded Linux environment. The “Introduction to Embedded Linux” workshop was developed for engineers with embedded C/C++ programming experience who would like an overview of the Linux operating system from a practical standpoint centered around the development of embedded Linux applications and systems. The workshop is targeted to students who have little (or possibly no) previous experience with Linux development.

The Introduction to Embedded Linux One-day Workshop dedicates more than 50% of classroom time to hands-on lab exercises. Each lecture is immediately followed by a lab exercise in which the concepts of the lecture are applied to a real embedded system. The workshop labs are tested on the Beaglebone Black development board ($45). Though this is the development system chosen for the lab exercises, the workshop focuses on universal Linux concepts and student learning, and is not company or product specific. Save weeks of frustration with a Linux overview that will prepare you for immediate application development and provide a solid base for further learning.

All necessary equipment to run the lab exercises is provided (up to two students per lab station.) However, those students who would like to run the labs on their own equipment are free to install the development tools prior to the workshop. Instructions and lab files are provided on the workshop wiki.

The workshop is currently running live sessions. The workshop cost is $79 for one day and includes breakfast and lunch as well as a take-home Beaglebone Black board valued at $45.

For those who would like to take a self-paced workshop, you may purchase the Beaglebone Black here:

Workshop Outline

(8 hours)

    • Lecture 1: Booting Linux
    • Lab 1: Booting Linux via mini-SD Card
    • Lecture 2: Application build and debug
    • Lab 2: Using Code Composer Studio version 5
    • Lecture 3: Linux Scheduler
    • Lab 3: pthreads and semaphores
    • Lecture 4: Linux File and Driver I/O
    • Lab 4: Ethernet Messaging using Berkeley Sockets

Workshop Documents

[| bbb_1day_student_guide.pdf]; Student Guide. Contains slides, lab instructions and the lab setup guide as an appendix.

[|]; PowerPoint presentations for the Lecture Modules

Lab Exercise Setup

"labA1_oneday_setup.pdf" has instructinos for setting up a host development environment with all the tools needed to run the lab exercises. The following files are all of the install files needed (except for the Ubuntu 12.04 install disk.):

[| labA1_oneday_setup.pdf]; Adobe PDF file containing installation instructions

[| bbb_linux_oneday_labs.tar.gz]; gnu-zipped archive of lab exercises

[| CCS-]; Code Composer Studio installation archive