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LAUNCHXL2 570LC43 RM57L: ExtPowerSpec

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While your LaunchPad has been designed to operate from USB bus power under normal use conditions, it's possible that you will add booster packs to the LaunchPad and exceed the available power from the USB port. In this case, the board has been designed to accept a barrel jack (J17) although it is unpopulated by default.

Barrel jacks known to fit this footprint are:

  • CUI PJ002BH (2.5mm)

External Power Supply Requirements: Nom Output Voltage: +5 VDC Max Output Current: 3000 mA Efficiency Level V

NOTE: TI recommends using an external power supply that complies with applicable regional safety standards such as (by example) UL, CSA, VDE, CCC, PSE, etc.

When powering the LaunchPad externally - a PTC device (PTC1). The PTC device is Belfuse 0ZCG0300FF2B, with a 3A Hold / 5A trip specification and a maximum trip time of 4s (@8A).