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MCU Day Internet of Things 2013 Workshop

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Workshop Description

This is a new workshop developed to introduce you to the latest TI MCU roadmaps and tools including Code Composer Studio, TI-RTOS, and two new MCU Launchpad boards. We also cover a variety of wireless technologies from Texas Instruments to enable the Internet of Things. These include:

  • Tiva Sensor Hub BoosterPack,
  • SimpleLink Wi-Fi CC3000,
  • Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, and
  • Sub-1 GHz Low-Power RF technology.

The objectives of this training are for you to:

  • Become familiar with current TI MCU roadmaps so you can select device(s) for your application(s)
  • Install the MSP430 and Tiva Launchpad boards, and run the out-of-box application
  • Build, run, and debug a sample application using Code Composer Studio on the Tiva Launchpad board
  • Learn about various sensor and wireless technologies from TI
  • Use at least one of the wireless connectivity solutions in a hands-on lab

Workshop Downloads

Students attending the workshop are required to bring their own laptops. Prior to the workshop, we ask that you download the software and workshop files we will use in the class.

Workshop Student Guide

Student Guide (Sept 13, 2013) (162 pages) (15 MB)

MCU Day Internet of Things 2013 Workshop Installation Guide (must be completed BEFORE class starts)

All students must bring their own laptops to class. The preferred O/S is Windows7, but CCS will run on XP and Win8 as well. These installation instructions MUST be done PRIOR TO class time. Otherwise, you will be spending precious time getting the tools installed which may put you behind in the labs. Because this is an instructor-led class and everyone listens to a chapter first, then does the lab, then moves on to the next chapter - TOGETHER - it is imperative you read and follow these instructions carefully and completely before coming to class. If there is a problem with installation of any tools, the instructor(s) will do their best during the first lab to help, but if all else fails, you may be asked to partner up with another student and do the labs together. So PLEASE have your tools installed before class.

MCU Day - Internet of Things 2013 Workshop Installation Guide (Sept 13, 2013) (570 KB)

Workshop PPTs

All PowerPoint Slides (Sept 13, 2013) (17 MB)

Workshop Installer

Workshop Installation File (Sept 13, 2013) (654 MB)