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NowECC™ ECC Generation Tool

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The TI ARM Linker is now also able to generate ECC code, see Linker Generated ECC.


The Hercules microcontroller family contains as part of the embedded flash module a circuit that provides, the capability to detect and correct memory faults. This Single bit Error Correction and Double bit Error Detection circuit (SECDED) needs 8 Error correction check bits for every 64 bit of data.

The purpose of the nowECCTM is the generation of these ECC check bits needed for the embedded SECDED to recognize and correct the memory faults.

nowECCTM is a command line tool which executes in 32bit mode on a Windows PC.


  • Create ECC data for Hercules micro-controllers.
  • Supports the following file formats:
    • ELF (Default for TI Tool Chain)
    • Extended Tektronix
    • Intel Hex
    • ASCII Hex
    • Motorola S
    • COFF
  • Can introduce Bit failures in Out file for ECC logic check.
    • Use option -s1 to introduce single bit failures.
    • Use option -s2 to introduce double bit failures.



Command Line: -f035


Command Line: -r4 -f035


Command Line: -r4 -f021 16M_ADD


Command Line: -r4 -f021 16M_ADD
As of Version 2.21 of nowECC the -le option is no longer needed, see also: e2e Forum