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The OMAP35x EVM is an evaluation board for the OMAP35x family. You can read more about it at the official website. This page contains extra and user contributed information.

TI further links to this address in some presentations.

Pages of Interest


OMAP DVSDK Support Page


Description of the EVM diagnostic software and how to run it.

MMC Boot Format

How to use Linux to format a MMC/SD card to be compatible with the OMAP3 ROM boot code.

Platform Support Package Download Page

TI's PSP and SDK for the OMAP35x EVM.
Note: This page requires a TI web login but any e-mail can be used to create an account

Other SDKs for OMAP35x

RidgeRun SDK for the OMAP35x EVM (based on TI's PSP releases)

Streaming media solutions

Gstreamer plugins for OMAP35x

OMAP35xx WinCE Resources

TI official WinCE Info
WinCE-TIBSP_Handbook Starting point for information about WinCE BSPs offered by TI]]


QNX BSP supports EVM and BeagleBoard

OMAP35xx Android

Rowboat Project supports EVM and BeagleBoard