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OMAP35x Graphics SDK Build v3.00.00.09 Known Issues

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This page lists issues and limitations that are known to exist in the OMAP35x Graphics SDK in build version

Known Issues

  1. SDOCM00061112 : sgx_render_flip_test, OGLES ChameleonMan, OGLESPhantomMask and OGLES2Skybox2 hangs after running for some duration. The duration of the hang is random. The following error messages are thrown when the error occurs - "Segmentation fault" or "Illegal Instruction". This requires a system reboot. This is a duplicate issue for defect SDOCM00058018 in the previous release.
  2. SDOCM00061114 : Not able to execute "gles1_texture_stream" demo. This is because the kernel module bc_example.ko is not installed. This is not availability with the current Graphics SDK release. The top level makefiles as well as the GFX_Linux_KM makefile does not build this kernel module currently.
  3. SDOCM00061276 : The CPU utilization for the sgxperf demos are crossing more than 30% with onboard LCD display and also external LCD display through DVI-D interface. For some cases this is reaching to 100%. Some of these demos for which this is happenning as well as instructions to reproduce them are give below.
    ./sgxperf 3 256 256 1 0
    ./sgxperf 3 512 512 1 0
    ./sgxperf 3 1024 1024 1 0
    ./sgxperf 9 0 0 0 0 tiger.svg
    ./sgxperf2 3 256 256 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 3 512 512 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 3 1024 1024 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 3 640 480 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 3 1024 768 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 4 512 512 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 4 1024 1024 1 0
    ./sgxperf2 4 640 480 1 0


  1. SDOCM00061522 : Horizontal and Vertical cut lines are seen at the top right part on external LCD (DVI-D interface) for some of the demos like OGLESPolyBump, OGLESLighting, OGLESFiveSpheres, OGLESEvilSkull, OGLESTrilinear. These are observed only in Front EGL mode and not on Flip EGL mode. In Front EGL Mode, this is a limitation as the memory that is being displayed on the screen is directly updated for the frame updates and hence this problem. This is fixed by using the Flip Mode, where more than one buffer is used so that the buffer that is being displayed is not updated directly but the updates happen in another buffer and the buffer is switched for the display for the next frame to be displayed. Refer here for more information on switching to EGL flip mode

Defects Fixed

  1. SDOCM00057483  : ShadowTechniques and Optimized Mesh OGLES Demo does not show the animations. The date needs to be set appropriately, to get the animations working properly. Refer "Running the demos from command line"for more information on how to set this date.