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OMAP35xx DVSDK WinCE 100 Getting Started Guide

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This Getting Started Guide (GSG) walks you through the steps of setting up the OMAP35x EVM and installing the OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK software. You should proceed through this guide in the order listed on this page for best results. By the end of this Getting Started Guide you will have the OMAP35x EVM booting to WinCE 6.0 R2 and the WinCE host development environment configured. You should also bookmark the WinCE category since new articles will continue to appear in that list.

If you are reading this GSG as a file please check for the latest updates.

DVSDK overview

GSG: OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK Overview provides an overview of the OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK.

Hardware setup

GSG: OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK Hardware Setup provides information on setting up the OMAP35xx WinCE DVEVM hardware.

Software setup

GSG: OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK Software Setup (new) covers how to install the software required to use the OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK (for DVSDK and later). If you are using DVSDK, see the old software setup page instead.

Running demos

GSG: OMAP35xx WinCE DVSDK Running the Demos describes how to set up, execute, and shut down the demos.