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OMAP3 Boards

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OMAP35x, Sitara AM3x, and DaVinci DM37x ARM Cortex-A8 based developer platforms[edit]




 The IGEP™ COM MODULE is an industrial processor board (-40 to +85 ºC) developed by ISEE. It can be used as a computer-on-module for your  product but also as a stand alone computer without the need of a basebpard.You don't need anything else than a USB cable to power the IGEP™  COM MODULE and communicate with it by using Ethernet over USB gadget implemented on Linux kernel. The IGEP™ COM MODULE provides a  lot of features in a small size. You can build your project anywhere you want. It highlights are DM3730 Texas Instruments processor, ARM Cortex  A8 1GHz, C64+ DSP(video and audio decoding/encoding 800MHz), 3D Accelerator, SGX530 @ 200 MHz,Camera ISP, 512 Megabytes RAM /  512, Megabytes FLASH, Wifi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth BC4 - Class 2.0, 1 x USB, MicroSD card reader, 2 x expansion 70-pin connector and very  small form factor (18mm x 69mm).

OMAP35x EVM (wiki), official website

Omap35x EVM.gif
This board is a TI product. Product and ordering information can be found on TI's website. This board is produced and supported by TI in cooperation with Mistral Solutions. This board is available and supports 3503/15/25/30 based development. This board was also know as the "OSK" before production and you may still see references to this name.

Alico Systems Kinetic 3500 OMAP FPGA Sensor Development Kit (SDK)

Alico Systems Kinetic 3500 SDK.png
Kinetic 3500 is a turn-key embeddable sensor development kit based on open source software. Powered by a Texas Instruments (TI) OMAP3530 (Cortex A8 RISC processor and DSP) together with a Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGA plus a rich set of sensor peripherals including a tri-axis MEMS gyroscope, tri-axis MEMS accelerometer, tri-axis magnetic sensor, a GPS module, a temperature sensor, and high speed 20 Msps 12 bit A/D and 14 bit D/A converters. The Alico Kinetic 3500 SDK product will be delivered with a full set of sensor capabilities that are operational out-of-the box. Kinetic 3500 reduces ramp-up time on learning the fundamentals of OMAP and FPGA technology, getting up to speed on information about open source software and writing basic software applications that allows developers to focus their time and resources on developing product differentiation features. The Kinetic 3500 embedded Web based GUI provides extensive diagnostic and configuration capabilities. The onboard FPGA gives developers additional flexibility to implement custom hardware functionality and signal processing algorithms without actual hardware redesign.

Analogue & Micro, Cobra3530

Analogue & Micro Cobra3530 System on Module.JPG
The Cobra3530 module provides a proven functional unit for inclusion in OEM products. By embedding the Cobra3530, the parent system can utilise the full funcitonality of the module. Supplied with on-board Linux operating system, IP stack and GNU development tools, the module supports rapid product development.
Cobra3530 is based on TI OMAP3530 microprocessor, support 2Gb/1Gb PoP flash/DDR, 10/100 Ethernet, GPS, wireless modem i/f, and media interface includes USB2.0/ serial ports, touchscreen LCD i/f, audio in/out, video in/out, etc.   

Variscite, VAR-SOM-OM37

Based on TI's DM3730, 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 supporting HD video Encoding/Decoding and 2D/3D graphics acceleration.

The VAR-SOM-OM37 is a low-power, high performance System On Module which serves as a building block and easily integrates into any embedded solution. It includes an extensive range of interfaces and communication protocols and is ready to run any embedded operating system such as Android, Linux, Windows Embedded CE 6 and Windows Embedded Compact 7.


Variscite, VAR-3XCustomBoard

For development and production, Variscite's SBCs serve as both a complete development kit and as an end-product. The SBCs can be assembled according to your specifications for the most optimized price.


 Anders, CM-T3530 & SB-T35 Baseboard

Anders CM-T3530 system-on-module.png
The CM-T3530 is a small OMAP35x based Computer-on-Module board designed for easy integration into embedded applications. The small size and low power consumption of the CM-T35 allows its integration into hand-held and mobile devices, while its low price makes it an ideal selection for cost-sensitive applications. CM-T35 provides WiFi 802.11b/g, MMC/SD, high speed USB OTG and USB host ports, 100Mbit Ethernet, touchscreen controller, audio codec, serial ports and other essential functions.
Anders mother board Sb-t35.png
SB-T35 baseboard turns the CM-T35 module into a single board computer and perfect development platform. The SB-T35 enriches the CM-T35 module with DVI, LVDS and RGB interfaces, additional 100Mbit Ethernet and high speed USB hub.  



Beagle Board.png
Although the development of this board was originally sponsored by TI, this low cost board is intended to be a product of the community. To this end the board and project has a website of its own. Read more about BeagleBoard on and eLinux wiki. There are also several BeagleBoard clones from various makers. The BeagleBoard is running the Angstrom distribution that is available at and built via the OpenEmbedded Project Servers.

Boardcon OMAP3530 KIT.jpg

 Boardcon, Embedded Design KIT OMAP3530

Kit OMAP3530 is a complete Development Kit for OEMS building mobile internet Device, handheld,multimedia or embedded devices. The platform features a OMAP3530 Application Processor with supporting peripheral hardware and production-quality Windows CE and Linux2.6.29 Source Code.


 Bug Labs, Bug 2.0 Platform 

Bug labs BUG2.0 Platform.jpg
BUG 2.0 platform is Bug Labs' next-gen development platform that moves up to a Cortex A8-based OMAP3 core from the original BUGBase's ARM11. 


 CALAO Systems, TNY-T3530-ULP-I01 

Embedded Computer with Tinycore form-factor (36 x 41 mm), TEXAS INSTRUMENTS OMAP3530 @ 600MHz, 256MB NAND Flash , 256MB DDR-SDRAM, USB OTG, Serial Port Debug, JTAG Port, RTC, Micro-SD & 2 Expansion Ports. 



 Cogent Computer Systems, CSB740 

The CSB740 Single Board Computer is a highly integrated, SODIMM SOM that features a 600Mhz ARM Cortex-A8 based OMAP3530 with On-Chip LCD I/F and 2D/3D Graphics Engine, 480MBit USB Host/Device, I2S Audio I/F, Triple 4-Bit SDIO, Three UARTS and Dual SPI. Additional board features include Low Power 10/100 Ethernet Controller and On-Board 3V power supply. 



 Computer Lab, CM-T3530 

Computer Lab CM-T3530 System on Module.jpg
The CM-T3530 is a small System-on-Module board designed to serve as a building block in embedded applications. The CM-T3530 has all the components required to run operating systems such as Linux and Windows CE. Ready packages for these operating systems are available from CompuLab.
The small size and low power consumption of the CM-T3530 allows its integration into hand-held and mobile devices, while its low price makes it an ideal selection for cost-sensitive applications.

 EBV Electronik, EBVBeagle board 

EBVBeagle board.JPG
This product is understood to be discontinued.
EBVBeagle board is an ultra-low cost, high performance, low power OMAP3-based platform, with a reach expansion capability. The EBVBeagle development kit delivers a USB-to-Ethernet dongle adding Ethernet capability to the system. A Linux BSP (board support package) comes already flashed on an MMC (multimedia card).


 EMA OMAP3 Platform (Known as The Stalker Platform) OMAP35x EVM (wiki), official website

This board is a TI product. Product and ordering information can be found on TI's website. This board is produced and supported by TI in cooperation with Mistral Solutions. This board is available and supports 3503/15/25/30 based development. This board was also know as the "OSK" before production and you may still see references to this name.



 Embest, Timll (An Embest Company), DevKit8000

Embest DevKit8000 is a compact board using OMAP3530 microprocessor. It takes full features of this processor and supports up to 256MByte DDR SDRAM and 256MByte NAND Flash as well as high-speed USB2.0 OTG function. The board has exposed many other hardware interfaces including RS232 serial port, LCD/TSP, DVI-D, S-Video, Ethernet, SD/MMC, keyboard, camera, SPI, I2C and JTAG. The board has two methods to boot the system from either SD card or NAND flash. It is able to support WinCE and Linux OS and provided with WinCE6.0 BSP and Linux2.6.28 BSP. Embest also provides demos of Google Android OS, Angstrom (GPE) and DVSDK for user experience. Read more on the eLinux wiki.

Embest sbc8100 Single Board Computer.jpg

 Embest, Timll (An Embest Company)SBC8100

Embest SBC8100 Single Board Computer is a high-performance controller board based on Texas Instruments' OMAP3530 microprocessor. It is designed based on the Mini8100 CPU board which integrates an OMAP3530 microcontroller, 256MByte DDR SDRAM, 256MByte Nand Flash, RTC, LEDs and one Camera interface on board. The Mini8100 is connected with SBC8100 expansion board through two 1.27mm space 90-pin biserial dip connectors. In addition to those features provided by the CPU board Mini8100, the expansion board has exposed many of other features of the OMAP3530. It has integrated RS232, USB, Ethernet, WiFi/Bluetooth, GPS, Audio In/Out, Keyboard, LCD, VGA, S-Video/TV out, SD card and more other functions on board. The board supports for both linux and WindowsCE operating system, it is a solid reference board for customer design.

SBC8100 Plus integrates Mini8510 as the CPU board which is compatible with Mini8100 but using TI's DM3730 as its CPU core board. This is convenient for customers who used SBC8100 or Mini8100 before to upgrade to SBC8100 Plus or Mini8510 so as to migrate from the OMAP3530 to DM3730 for their embedded designs.


 Embest, Timll (An Embest Company)Devkit8500D

Embest DevKit8500D Evaluation Board takes full features of the DM3730 processor and supports up to 512MByte DDR SDRAM and 512MByte NAND Flash as well as a reserved iNAND design to expand the flash storage capabilities. The board has exposed many other hardware interfaces including serial ports, LCD/TSP, DVI-D, S-Video, Ethernet, USB, TF, keyboard, camera, SPI, I2C and JTAG. The board is able to support for Linux 2.6.32 and WinCE 6.0 operating systems. It has two methods to boot Linux and WinCE systems from either TF card or NAND flash. Besides, it is provided with Android 2.2 demo with driver source code. Embest gives instructions on how to boot Android demo image from NAND flash with TF card. Additionally, Embest offers various modules for Devkit8500D including VGA, WiFi, Analog Camera, GPS, GPRS, 3G and Digital Camera modules which greatly extends the functions of the board and would be flexible for customer selection to meet their own needs.


 Embest, SBC8530

Embest The SBC8530 Single Board Computer is with small form factor and uses POP (Package on Package) CPU/Memory chip to interface the 1GHz DM3730 processor to 512MBytes of Nand flash and 512MBytes of DDR SDRAM. The board has exposed many interfaces including serial port, USB, Ethernet, Camera, Audio, LCD, Touch screen, DVD-D, S-Video and etc. It also features a WiFi and Bluetooth module WG7310 on board to enhance the wireless network functions. On the rear of the board there is a TF card slot to extend the storage capabilities as well as an expansion interface to allow user’s development extension. It is provided with Linux2.6.32, Android2.2 and WinCE6.0 BSP.


 Embest, Timll (An Embest Company)SOC8200

Embest SOC8200 is a highly-integrated single board computer with PC104 form factor. It employs TI’s high-performance AM3517 microcontroller which is based on 600Mhz ARM Cortex-A8 Core with NEON SIMD Coprocessor and POWERVR SGX™ Graphics Accelerator and offers video, image, and graphics processing capable of supporting single board computers, home and industrial automation, and digital signage. The SOC8200 board has onboard 256MB DDR2 SDRAM, 256MB Nand Flash and 4MB Nor Flash and extends various functions through pins including serial port, Ethernet, CAN, RS485, SD/MMC card, CF card, Audio In/Out, Camera, LCD, USB Host, USB Device, expansion connector and JTAG.

Empower EMP3503, 3530.JPG

 Empower, EMP3503/ 3530 

EMP3503/ 3530 comes with the latest Empower Technologies’ Linux Embedded OS for TI OMAP3503/ 3530 operating software. Its hardware integrates a high-performance ARM® CortexTM-A8 processor and multimedia acceleration for imaging, video and graphics up to 720p. This board is designed for low-power high-performance applications in video/image/audio encoding/decoding, video analysis, image processing, sound processing, and has the capability of playing video, and also enables products to be built in smaller size and lighter weight.

Gumstix Overo Fire.JPG

 Gumstix, Gumstix Products

Gumstix Inc. makes an OMAP3x-based series called Overo - their fifth product series since the company was formed in 2003. Designed with a computer-on-module plus expansion board configuration, each Overo COM is smaller than a stick of gum, robust and ideal for use from the design stage through to full product rollout. Available COM options included the Overo Earth COM, Overo Air COM, Overo Water COM and Overo Fire COM.
To the OMAP3530 Applications Processor, Overo Fire COM brings 802.11g, Bluetooth, a microSD card slot and Linux 2.6.32+. Each Overo COM brings out a wide selection of OMAP3 I/O signals and the schematic of each expansion board is openly published at
Gumstix customers are located in more than 50 countries worldwide and use Gumstix technology in a wide range of product applications.



Inhand fury-web.jpg

InHand Fury, Siren & Muse (expansion board)

Fury Siren and Muse comprise InHand Electronic's Apeiron line - the first commerically available (third party) systems based on Texas Instruments DaVinci DM3730 Cortex-A8 ARM and TI DSP dual core processor and Sitara AM3703 processor. Both full-function systems offer a full array of on-board peripherals including: µUSB, RS-232 Serial Port, 3 USB 2.0 Host, LiIon battery charger, 256MB DDR, 512MB NAND Flash, RTC, Watchdog, Universal Display Port, and µSD Slot/SDIO & more, including connectors for expansion board, Muse. Fury also offers PowerVR SGX™ graphics accelerator and TMS320C46X+ DSP for video and audio CODEC acceleration. (Full Specs: Fury, Siren, Muse)


ISEE IGEPv2-Platform.jpg


IGEPv2 is an industrial processor board (-40 to +85 ºc) developed by ISEE. It unleashes laptop-like performance and expandability without the bulk, expense or noise of typical desktop machines and is the perfect solution for many industrial applications or system requeriements. It highlights are the DM3730 Texas Instruments processor, ARM Cortex A8 1Ghz, C64 + DSP 800Mhz , 3D Accelerator SGX530 @ 200 MHz, Camera ISP, 512 Megabytes RAM / 512 Megabytes FLASH, Ethernet 10/100 Mb BaseT, Wifi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth BC4- Class 2.0, Video DVI-D (HDMI Connector) programmable panel size, 2 x USB, MicroSD card reader, 3 x UART, Stereo audio in/out, expansion connectors and all that included inside 65mm x 95mm from factor. 


KwikByte OMAP35xx System Modules.jpg

  KwikByte, KBOC System on Module

KwikByte designs and manufactures OMAP35xx System Modules and associated baseboards. The modules can be built with any of the OMAP3503, 3515, 3525, 3530 processors with configurable memory options at any volume. The modular concept allows faster, less-expensive means of creating customized platforms. Readily-available baseboards (example shown) support Ethernet, USB ports, serial, DVI, VGA, LCD, raw panel, audio, MMC, I/O and other signals.


Logic OMAP35xx SOM-LV System on Module.jpg

  Logic PD, OMAP35x SOM-LV System on Module  

The OMAP35x System on Module (SOM) is a compact, product-ready hardware and software solution that fast forwards embedded designs. Based on Texas Instruments' OMAP 3 processor family and designed in the SOM-LV Type III form factor, the OMAP35x module offers essential features for handheld and embedded networking applications.


Logic Torpedo SOM.jpg

  Logic PD, OMAP35x Torpedo SOM 

Logic PD's Torpedo System on Module (SOM) is an ultra-compact form factor based on Texas Instruments' OMAP35x processor family. The OMAP35x Torpedo SOM provides a dime-sized module solution for applications that require low-power and high-performance within tight space constraints. By using the 0.4 mm BGA pitch OMAP processor that leverages Package-on-Package (PoP) technology, the Torpedo SOM requires 45% less surface area and 12% less volume when compared to the equivalent OMAP 0.65 mm BGA package and external memory solution.

 Logic PD's Zoom OMAP3430 Mobile Development Kit and Zoom2

Logic PD's Zoom Mobile Development Kit is a wireless handset form-factor development platform that leverages the processing capabilities of OMAP3430 while offering developers a more realistic wireless system for development and validation. The zoom platform is served by its own community site

 Logic PD's Zoom OMAP35x Medical Development Kit

Developed and supported by Logic PD, the Zoom OMAP35x Development Kit is a complete hardware and software platform for evaluating the functionality of the OMAP 3 processors and the product-ready System on Module. The Development Kit allows your company to stay focused on its high-value core technologies by providing the hardware, software, and accessories required to immediately begin development work.

 Magniel, OMAP3530 board 

Magniel OMAP3 board.jpg
Omap3530 processor from TI: 600-MHz ARM Cortex™-A8 Core, 430-MHz TMS320C64x+™ DSP Core, supports video, image, and graphics processing with 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator. 4cm x 6cm OMAP3530 based board offering as a reference design, or as an operative unit, along with custom software.  




Mistral TMDSEVM3530.jpg
The new OMAP3 EVM from Mistral is a low cost and easy-to-use development platform based on TI’s OMAP3x processor. Designed with a modular and extendable architecture, the OMAP3 EVM helps developers leverage the benefits of the powerful OMAP3 processor comprising of advanced Superscalar ARM® Cortex™-A8 RISC core with NEON co-processing, IVA2.2 subsystem with a C64x+ digital signal processor (DSP) core and SGX subsystem for 2D and 3D graphics acceleration.


This board is a TI Software Development Platform (SDP) featuring the OMAP3430 processor. It is available to high volume wireless OEMs and ODMs and partners who are working directly with TI to support these customers. The SDP is mentioned here because there are many references to it in the system software. This is natural as the SDP is the first platform to be supported by the software.

 Phytec, phyCARD-L

Phytec phyCARD-L.jpg
The phyCARD-L is a small form factor, OEMable SOM populated with a Cortex A8 processor. It is compatible to other phyCARD family members due to identical break-out of interface signals per PHYTEC’s innovative X-Arc embedded bus standard. This makes the following resources available at a single, 100-pin connector: Ethernet, USB, UART, SPI, I2C, audio, SDIO/MMC, GPIO, JTAG, display (LVDS) and more.  



Realtime icetek-omap3530.gif


Almost a clone of the BeagleBoard, but with a simpler power regulator, a full-size DVI-D connector, and composite video (instead of S-Video) output. It also has a working 2nd USB port (host-only), but on a different port than BeagleBoard Rev C. Read more on the eLinux wiki.  

Seed SEED-OMAP3530.jpg


SEED-OMAP3530 is an evaluation module based on OMAP3530 of Texas Instruments. Integrated with various interfaces, especially the video input/output interface, which enables developers to start immediate evaluation of OMAP, processors and begin building low power applications such as digital TV, navigation, games, data terminals, point of sale / service, software defined radio, medical, media controllers and numerous other low power.



TechNexion, [1]

TechNexion makes the TAO-3530 System Modules based on the OMAP3530 and associated interface baseboards such as the Inferno and Thunder and Tsunami. The modular concept allows customers to develop tailored flexible custom solutions with a minimum time to market. For support towards developers TechNexion created development kits such as the Inferno Pack and Thunder Pack and Tsunami Pack which kickstart your project immediately without huge investment but with full flexibility to tailor towards your project.

, System Module SOM3530  / SOM3517 

Techor SOM3530.JPG
The SOM3530/SOM3517 is based on TI OMAP3530/25/15/03,AM35xx microprocessor, form factor 40x40x3.5mm,weight 11 grams. The board has USB connectors, 100M Ethernet, UART/IIC/SPI/LCD support. WinCE & LINUX 2.6 development software provided.  1K PO price down to $45 each!

ELITE Sistemas is currently supporting development and distributing SOM3530 module in Europe.


TES Electronic Solutions MAGiK-MX OMAP.png

TES Electronic SolutionsMAGiK-MX OMAP

The MAGiK- MX Graphics innovation kit is powered by a Texas Instruments OMAP 3530 application processor, integrated into a business card sized production ready system module.


Untratronik OFSP8 Board.jpg

Ultratronik OFSP8

Ultratronik's Open Frame Smart Panels (OFSP) are full featured ready to integrate Display Processor Boards with EMI and Surge/Burst protected power supply (10 - 30V DC), Ethernet, 2x USB Host, RS232, RS232/422/485 Combi galvanically isolated, CAN 2.0B galvanically isolated. The OFSP8 based on OMAP35x is extended by Audio including 2x 1W stereo amplifier, µSD Card, S-Video and KeyMatrix, Touch, TTL/LVDS Display and Backlight support. Extension plug supports CIM and several additional GPIOs
It will be shipped together with a TFT display between 5.7" up to 15" standard or wide.
We realize an individual, customized solution for you – cost-efficient and with all relevant features, based on our verified MMI computer platforms in less than 12 weeks.

Computer In Package CIP311/CIP312 based on OMAP3 processor

TianyeIT's omap3 Base CIP(Computer In Package) module has much functions ,such as Dual Ethernet(LAN9221i), WLAN/BT (Mavell 8787 chip) , Can bus (MCP2512), USB host , USB otg and Touch Screen Controller .all Functions are packaged in a tiny Package 40x40mm ,with LQA footprint upto 242 pin

e-con Systems's Computer-on-Module(System on Module) based on TI's AM3703/DM3730 processor

eSOM3730 Computer-on-Module
e-con Systems's ARM Cortex A8 based Computer-on-Module has much functions ,such as WiFi – 802.11b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0, 2.0+ EDR, 32 bit 128/512MB LPDDR SDRAM, TMS320C64x+™ DSP core @ 800MHz/1GHz (For DM3730)with Windows Embedded Compact 2013,Android and Linux support.Boots in less than 1 second.

(Please append information on publicly available open platforms to this list.)

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