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OMAP3 Overview

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The OMAP3 architecture currently supports two product families:

These two families are very software compatible and are normally treated the same in the system software.

The OMAP35x family of application processors currently has four members:

  • OMAP3503 (ARM + peripherals)
  • OMAP3515 (ARM + Graphics acceleration + peripherals)
  • OMAP3525 (ARM + DSP based Audio/Video acceleration + peripherals)
  • OMAP3530 (ARM + DSP based Audio/Video acceleration + Graphics acceleration + peripherals)

Other Pages of Interest

OMAP3 Boards

There are a number of development and production boards available for the OMAP3 generation.

OMAP3 Software Resources

There are a number of software resources supporting the OMAP3 generation.
FAQ: OMAP35x Linux PSP
WinCE-TIBSP_Handbook - Starting point for information about WinCE BSPs offered by TI, including OMAP3