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PRU Block Diagram

The Programmable Real-Time Unit Subsystem and Industrial Communication SubSystem (PRU-ICSS) consists of dual 32-bit RISC cores (Programmable Real-Time Units, or PRUs), data and instruction memories, internal peripheral modules, and an interrupt controller (INTC). The programmable nature of the PRU-ICSS, along with their access to pins, events and all SoC resources, provides flexibility in implementing fast real-time responses, specialized data handling operations, custom peripheral interfaces, and in offloading tasks from the other processor cores of the system-on-chip (SoC).


The PRU-ICSS hardware can be used for two categories of applications:

This wiki page serves as a hub for PRU subsystem collateral and related resources including software user guides, application notes, training modules, and FAQs. A block diagram of the full PRU-ICSS is shown above.

Hardware Information

Technical Documentation (available in device-specific TRMs)

PRU Differences Between Devices


Software Information

ICSS EMAC LLD developers guide
ICSS EMAC LLD debug guide

Development Tools

PRU C Compiler (available through the CCS App Center)

PRU Assembly Instructions

Software Examples

Linux Examples

Processor SDK RTOS Examples with Firmware Source

Doc {Install_Dir}\pdk_am335x_{VER}\packages\ti\drv\icss_emac\firmware\icss_dualemac\docs
Doc {Install_Dir}\pdk_am335x_{VER}\packages\ti\drv\icss_emac\firmware\icss_switch\docs
  • Simple Open Real-time Ethernet protocol (SORTE)
Master Doc - {Install Dir}\pdk_{Device Ver}\packages\ti\drv\pruss\example\apps\sorte\firmware\src\master\
Slave Doc - {Install Dir}\pdk_{Device Ver}\packages\ti\drv\pruss\example\apps\sorte\firmware\src\slave\
Also see TI design

PRU-ICSS Industrial Software (Drives) Examples with Firmware Source

Doc {Install Dir}\PRU-ICSS-Industrial_Drives_{VER]\interfaces\endat_master\doc
Also see TI design
Doc {Install Dir}\PRU-ICSS-Industrial_Drives_{VER}\interfaces\sddf\doc

Training Material

  • OS Agnostic PRU Evaluation
  • Programmable Real-Time Unit (PRU) Training Series
  • Training Slides

TI Designs

Simple PID Control Reference Design With PRU®-ICSS Through Web Interface
Thermal Printing with the PRU-ICSS on the BeagleBone Black Reference Design
Simple Open Real-Time Ethernet (SORTE) Device With PRU-ICSS Reference Design
EnDat 2.2 System Reference Design

Evaluation Hardware

can be ordered from