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PSP Technical FAQ

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Where can I find Resizer driver for DM355 LSP?

On DM355, resizer functionality is handled by IPIPE hardware and LSP has a separate driver for this. The driver can be enabled/disabled via kernel menuconfig (Driver -> Multimedia device -> Video for Linux -> DM355 IPIPE). The driver handles both resizer and preview engine functionalities. DVSDK 1.30 installation contains IPIPE examples under PSP_01_20_00_014/examples/dm355/ipipe directory.

Does the Linux PSP supports SDHC cards?

Yes, SD High capacity (SDHC) support is available in Patch 45.

Why DM6467 u-boot is not able to download kernel image when connected on Gbit network?

This is a known issue; PSP team is working on resolution. You can contact to get the current status.