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RM4x SW Examples

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    Processors Supported        
Example Code Name Category RM48  RM46 RM42 Can be found:



From Description
ARM Cortex-R CMSIS DSP Math Library X X X ARM CMSIS DSP Library   JMM  
Safe Initializaion init

SPNA106 app note   SO 40+ steps on validating the hardware and the test hardware too!
mibspiDma peripheral X

HALCoGen   PS  
adcDisplay peripheral X X X HALCoGen   PS  
canCommunication peripheral X X X HALCoGen   PS  
canintCommunication peripheral X X X HALCoGen   PS  
hetPwm peripheral X X X HALCoGen   PS  
i2cCommunication peripheral X

HALCoGen   PS  
mpu peripheral X X X HALCoGen   PS  
sci_uart_9600 peripheral X X X HALCoGen   PS  
rtiBlinky peripheral

HALCoGen   PS  
freeRTOSBlinky rtos X

HALCoGen   PS  
freeRTOScoOperative rtos

HALCoGen   PS  
freeRTOSIdleHook rtos

HALCoGen   PS  
freeRTOSSyncTaskAndInt rtos

HALCoGen   PS  
Ethernet Driver peripheral X X   HALCoGen   PB See Lightweight TCP/IP Stack below
USBD Driver + CDC Stack peripheral       HALCoGen   PB See details on this wiki site
Hercules Bootloader utility X X X Bootloader   QJ  
SENT Protocol on N2HET peripheral X X   SENT   DB  
FlexRay Multi-node example peripheral X     FlexRay   QJ Tested up to 5 FlexRay node network using MDKs and HDK with Expansion Hardware.
HDK Diagnostics test X X X HDK Wiki   QJ  
SCI-based printf debug utility       SCIPrintf   JMM  
MotorWare: FOC smo+encoder algorithm
MotorWare: InstaSPIN BLDC algorithm      
TCP/IP Stack: lightweight IP stack       Lightweight_IP_wiki   PB  
NHET as GPIO Lab Lab         AV –Create a TMS570 HALCoGen Project
–Generate and import code into Code Composer Studio
–Write code to turn on the LED on NHET pin 1
–Build, deploy and execute the code to the microcontroller
Blinky Lab Lab      
  AV HALCoGen Project, into Code Composer Studio, blink the LED on NHET pin 1; Build, deploy and execute the code to the microcontroller
MibADC Lab Lab X    
  AV Takes analog to digital (ADC) conversions from the ambient light sensor on the development board (USB Stick or HDK) and display the conversion values to a PC using the SCI (UART) port.
NHET PWM Lab Lab X    
  AV Generates a basic PWM with a period of 0.5 seconds and a duty cycle of 50% using the PWM to toggle the NHET1[0] and NHET1[17] LEDs on the development board
NHET Tutorials