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RTSC Codec And Server Package Wizards

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The RTSC Codec Package Wizard and RTSC Server Package Wizard are utilities designed to rapidly create XDC Codec Packages and Codec Engine compatible test servers (containing a single codec).

Both utilities run on Windows and Linux with both GUI and command line options. They are provided with the ceutils (see below)

Note that as of Codec Engine 2.20 the GenServer Wizard is now available. It is provided with the Codec Engine and NOT part of ceutils. Customers should migrate to GenServer. For consistency/migration many of the same options were preserved. This server wizard is now deprecated, however because GenServer requires >= CE 2.20, this server wizard will still be necessary for customers using e.g. >= CE 1.20.02.

Note that the same applies to the codec package wizard in ceutils - it is now deprecated as the GenCodecPkg Wizard is now provided and supported as part of Codec Engine.


  • ceutils is available here
    • ceutils v1.07 - released Feb 2009
      • Bug fix update to both the RTSC Codec and Server Package Wizards - see the readme for detailed information
    • ceutils v1.06 - released Sept 2008
      • Ease-of-use update - added top-level Makefile so you can:
        • Run the wizards via a simple "make genpackage" or "make genserver"
        • Avoid typing in a long XDCPATH - an XDCPATH is created for you from the Rules.make in your DVSDK
        • Build your RTSC Codec/Server Package via "make" instead of XDC commands
        • No changes were made to the content produced by RTSC Codec Package or Server Wizards
    • ceutils v1.05 - released Aug 2008
      • Contains: RTSC Codec Package Wizard v0.5.2 and RTSC Server Package Wizard v0.2.3
      • RTSC Server Package Wizard has updated templates to support OMAP3
      • No changes were made to the RTSC Codec Package Wizard
    • ceutils v1.04 - released March 2008
      • Contains: RTSC Codec Package Wizard v0.5.2 and RTSC Server Package Wizard v0.2.2
    • ceutils v1.03 - released Nov 2007
      • Contains: RTSC Codec Package Wizard v0.5.1 and RTSC Server Package Wizard v0.2.1


The RTSC Package Wizards recommend the following components be installed:

  • CG_XML v1.20 - released Nov 2007
    • CG_XML v1.20 or later is required -- Earlier versions will not work with the wizards
    • A wiki topic on how cg_xml works can be found here

Without Codec Engine and either Codec Engine's CE Tools or xDAIS, the RTSC Codec Package Wizard and RTSC Server Package Wizard will not run at all. Without CG_XML and Code Gen Tools, the RTSC Codec Package Wizard will not be able to determine stack size, section information, or the names of xDAIS functions. Without DSP/BIOS, the server that results from building the output of the RTSC Server Package Wizard cannot be created.

Wizard Instructions

Other Wizard Documents

XDAIS for Codecs

The new QualiTI XDAIS compliance tool is now available in XDAIS 6.10.


  • DVTB User Guide available in $(DVSDK_INSTALL_DIR)/dvtb_<version>/docs