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Real-Time Interrupts with CCSv4

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This page has links for the real-time mode and real-time interrupt video demonstration and project files. Project is already included in latest version of controlSUITE, or will need to be manually added to controlSUITE versions with device support v122 for F28035.


Real-Time Mode and Real-Time Interrupt Demo with CCSv4

  • Demonstration is done using the project: Media:
    • Extract to: ...\controlSUITE\device_support\f2803x\v122\DSP2803x_examples_ccsv4
  • Demonstration is on F28035 control card.
  • Demonstration includes:
    • Background on real-time mode and real-time interrupts
    • How to setup project in Code Composer Studio
    • How to setup real-time mode in CCSv4
    • How to setup real-time interrupts in CCSv4
    • How to setup watch windows for variables
    • How to step through code while background interrupt is running
  • Full Video and Demo