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EZSDK 5.0 Single Installer FAQ

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On what linux host can I install this release?

This Installer supports Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32-bit out of the box.

I don't have Ubuntu 10.04 installed and I use a different linux distribution. How do I install the release?

The installation can be forced on a fairly new linux distribution but may not work if you are on a very old linux distribution. Please pass --forcehost as an option to the installer and it should complete the installation on your linux machine. However, we have verified the installation on Ubuntu 10.04 only.

Why is the restriction on linux host distro so strict?

The installer has been created with the goal of meeting 1 hour installation out of the box. In order to meet this goal, we restricted the linux host to a particular distro, so that the installer could be well tested to work.

Ubuntu has released 11.10, but this installer checks specifically for 10.04 which is older. Why can't the installer work out of the box on 11.10?

The installer does work on any release after 10.04 but you will need to pass --forcehost to it. The reason for picking and sticking to 10.04 is that the Ubuntu community and Cannonical Ltd. will support 10.04 till April 2012 as part of their Long Term Support. This means you can get free security updates and bug fixes directly from Ubuntu on 10.04 till April 2012. Previous Long Term supported versions of Ubuntu were 8.04 and 6.06. Next LTS release will be in April 2012 (Precise Pangolin)

Note that the script also checks for the Ubuntu version and you need to override that manually by changing $EZSDK/bin/

Will TI change the host requirements in any of the future releases?

No. TI will use and support Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for all future installer releases until Ubuntu releases the next Long Term Supported release in 2013. So, if you have upgraded or installed Ubuntu 10.04 now, then all future installers until 2012 will support it.

Is this restriction on the installer specific to a platform?

No. The same infrastructure to create the installer has been used to create installers for other TI platforms such AM389x/C6A816x, DM3730, OMAPL138, DM365 etc.. As a result, they too have the same restrictions on the linux host. The same installer infrastructure will be used for future Linux SDKs targetting upcoming TI SoCs.

Is it possible to install the release on a Virtual Machine such VMWare or VirtualBox running on my Microsoft Windows Laptop or Desktop?

Yes. More information on how to install Ubuntu 10.04 on VMWare and VirtualBox are available at and

Download the Latest EZSDK

The latest EZSDK is available for download from

The current version is The supported platforms are DM816x and DM814x.

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