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SDMMC Adapter Configuration

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This page will instruct you on how to connect different EM boards with the SDMMC adapter
NoteNote: This configurations are for debug connection only i.e HCi Tester/Logger only.

SDMMC Configuration

  • Order the SDMMC
  • The board comes with default jumper configuration: SDMMC User Guide
  • The following changes need to be done in order to operate in debug mode:
  1. Remove J6 and close J20.
  2. Change the 4 jumpers for UART to be 2-3 instead of default 1-2 ( J7,J8,J10,J11).
  3. Change J9 and J12 to be 1-2 position instead of 2-3 to drive enable lines to the chip.


Host processor configuration

To control the SDMMC board with a host processor and the provided jumpers, use the following configurations:

  1. Remove J6 and close J20.
  2. Use the following table as a guide:
Description SDMMC Connection Point Jumper Color Host connection
HCI_TX_LS J8, pin 2 Yellow Connect to TX line
HCI_RX_LS J9, pin 2 Yellow Connect to RX line
HCI_RTS_LS J10, pin 2 Yellow Connect to RTS line
HCI_CTS_LS J11, pin 2 Yellow Connect to CTS line
BT_EN_COM (1.8V MAX) J9, pin 2 Blue GPIO, active high
WLAN_EN_COM (1.8V MAX) J12, pin 2 Green GPIO, active high
HOST_WL_IRQ_3V3 J19, pin 1 White GPIO, active high
GPIO9 (1.8V MAX) J19, pin 3 White GPIO
GPIO11 (1.8V MAX) J19, pin 4 White GPIO
GPIO12 (1.8V MAX) J19, pin 5 White GPIO
GPIO10 (1.8V MAX) J19, pin 6 White GPIO
PCM_IN_LS J16, pin 1 Purple PCM Out
PCM_OUT_LS J15, pin 1 Purple PCM In
PCM_FSYNC_LS J17, pin 1 Purple PCM FSYNC
PCM_CLK_LS J18, pin 1 White PCM Clock
GND J19, pin 2 Black Ground

CC256X Configuration

For the CC2564MODNEM or CC2564C QFN boards

  • On the EM board perform the following steps in order to connect it to the SDMMC board.
  1. Desolder the headers RF1 and RF2
  2. Desolder the regulators U2, U3, and U4
  3. Short resistor R2 for the QFN-EM board

NoteNote: On the CC2564MODNEM board – Remove J4 jumper, and connect J3 (Changing VBAT_MCU to VBAT_EDGE).