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SYS/BIOS Training Lab: Timer App

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This lab is designed to introduce users to some of the concepts of using the SYS/BIOS RTOS.


The project set available for download from this page is called Timer. This includes an incomplete project for users to add code per the lab's instructions, and a completed solution project in which all of the code has already been added. To get the most out of using this material, we suggest you start with the incomplete project and attempt to walk through the exercise yourself, using the completed solution project to check your work at the end.

These labs are designed to work on the MSP430 using:

  • MSP430F5438A device
  • MSP-EXP430F5438 Experimenter Board
  • Code Composer Studio v4.x
  • MSP-FET430UIF emulator

Timer Lab


  1. Build and run a simple app that uses SYS/BIOS Timer services to flash an LED
  2. Inspect the basic SYS/BIOS state with the Runtime Object Viewer (ROV)


  1. Open, inspect, build, run the timer example project
  2. Open ROV, inspect SYS/BIOS state
  3. Extra credit: Change Timer configuration to flash LED ten times faster


  1. Which timer peripheral is used by SYS/BIOS?
  2. What interrupt number is used by the Timer?
  3. How many Hwi objects are used by the app?
  4. What is the peak Hwi stack usage?
  5. How much FLASH is used by the app? And RAM? How much of this is stack?


Timer Lab

Timer Lab Solution