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Simulator FAQ

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Simulator FAQ

Simulator Platform

Q. Where can I find information on what components are modeled & supported features for a particular simulator platform?

For C6xxx Simulator refer - spru600i.pdf document.
For C55xx Simulator refer - spru599d.pdf document.
For C28xx Simulator refer - sprs466.pdf document.
For ARM Simulator refer - sprs397.pdf document.

These documents also provides information on supported features and configuration parameters for the simulator

Q. What's the difference between Functional vs Cycle Accurate simulator?

Functional simulator model the programmer view of the model where as cycle accurate simulator models the 100% pipeline and latencies.

Q. Do we have Functional and Cycle Accurate variants for all simulators?

Not in all cases. Refer to the Simulator Configurations list for CCSv4 link

Q. I don't find the Functional Simulator configurations for Cortex-M3, C6416, C6713 and DM642 in Code Composer Studio v4 General Setup. Where are those?

For the above processors, Cycle Accurate configurations are available as default. Select the Cycle Accurate configuration for a given processor and then go to Advanced Setup. Change the Simulator Type to Functional.

Q. How to pass command line argument while trying to run the program on C64x Simulator?

Code Composer Studio does not support this feature. You need to hardcode those values inside the program.

Q. What is the cycle accuracy of Simulator?

Refer the simulator cycle accuracy wiki topic - link

Q. Why Timer interrupt is not getting generated in C64x+ CPU Cycle Accurate Simulator?

Timer model is placed at address range "0x01C21400 - 0x01C217FF" & "0x01C21800 - 0x01C21BFF", which may not match your device configurations. To configure the simulator check wiki topic - C64x+ CPU Cycle Accurate Simulator
This questions is applicable for C64x+ Cycle Accurate Simulator as well, so check wiki topic - C64x+ Cycle Accurate Simulator

Q. Can I configure the cache size in C64x+ Cycle Accurate Simulator?

Yes. You can configure the cache size in the simulator via application program or at simulator bring time. Simulator by default is configured to 1MB size of PMC, DMC & UMC & configured as SRAM. Size of memory can be configured in simulator, check the wiki topic - C64x+ Cycle Accurate Simulator

Q. What is the supported memory limit on C64x+ Cycle Accurate Simulator?

Simulator support 64MB as memory limit for application, beyond that it gives an error. If you want to increase the runtime memory limit, check the wiki topic on C64x+ Cycle Accurate Simulator.

Q. Can i configure the CPU & Memory clock in Simulator?

Yes you can configure the CPU & Memory clock in simulator. Clock configuration is only applicable for cycle accurate simulator. Check the wiki topic for more details - link

Simulator Features

Q. Is AET supported on simulator?

No. Currently AET is not supported on any simulator configuration.

Q. Which all simulator platforms support watch points?

Currently watchpoint is supported in C6416 functional only.

Simulator Features - Code Coverage

Q. Does code coverage work on release/production code?

Yes, it does work and will provide function coverage information only. (Note: You need to enable “-g” option in compiler). Both function & line coverage is available on debug code.

Q. What does “Total Instruction” reported in line coverage of code coverage mean?

It shows the number of instruction executed on that line.

Q. Does code coverage work on functional simulator?

Yes, it works.