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Sitara AM37x Portal

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AM37x Hardware Information AM37x Linux AM37x Android
Block Diagram Stack
Block diagram of AM37X.png
Software Stack
Software Stack
Device Information Training E2E support

AM37x Product Folders

AM3703 | AM3715

The following Information can be found in each product folder:

  • BSDL Model
  • IBIS Model
  • Device Revisions
  • Datasheets
  • Reference Manual (TRM)
  • Schematics
  • Errata

Training Material

Sitara Boot Camp

One Day Trainings

On-line Training

AM37x Reference Documentation

Hardware Information

Wireless Connectivity


Migration Guide

Thermal Cases



Linux Information

Build Environments

Development Tools

Common Components

Sitara Linux How-to's

Platform Support Package (PSP)


QT Documentation

AM37x Device Diagrams
Am335x products.jpg
Med tmdsevm3730 am dm37x evm 72.jpg
AM37x processor orderables
EVM Platform