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Sitara Linux Training

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Training Modules

We have a number of modules that are complete and others we are actively working on. All of our Linux training is provided on this wiki.

If you have comment on the training or a request for Linux training that is not be captured here, please let us know using the mailing list


The presentations below are loaded to a Microsoft SkyDrive share site. To download the presentations please follow the link to the SkyDrive site and then select File -> Save As -> Download to save the presentation


If you are unable to access Microsoft SkyDrive documents you can also find this training material at
Lecture Lab Description
Linux Host Configuration Sitara Linux Training: Linux Host Configuration This page details how the Linux Host is configured for Sitara Linux Training. These are the same methods to prepare laptops used in live TI training.
Introduction to Linux   - Introduces the community-based Linux ecosystem on TI platforms. What will be covered are the components that make up the ecosystem such as the boot loader, Linux kernel, device drivers, user application layer and the relationship between them.
Linux Boot Process   - Looks at all aspects of the boot process from power up to running user a application beginning with ROM boot loader progressing through secondary program loader, u-boot, kernel and finishing with user-level initialization.
Sitara Linux Training: Hands-on with the SDK Sitara Linux Training: Hands on with the SDK Learn about the various components that make up the ARM MPU Linux software development kit including the out-of-box application launcher, the CCS IDE, example applications. In addition, host tools such as the pin-mux utility and the flash tool will be introduced. All these components are packaged into a single easy to use installer from
Code Composer Studio v5 Code Composer Studio v5 Covers what the Eclipse-based Code Composer Studio is, how to use it for embedded Linux application development, debugging and additional plug-ins that are provided
Sitara Linux Training: Power Management Sitara Linux Training: Power Management Discusses how to improve product power performance by minimizing power consumption and guaranteeing system performance. In addition, power management techniques enabled via the Linux SDK will be discussed
Sitara Linux Training: Cryptography Sitara Linux Training: Cryptography Covers cryptography basics and explore cryptographic functions enabled via open source projects. In addition, cryptographic hardware acceleration access and Linux SDK example applications will be discussed.
Sitara Linux Training: Linux Board Port Sitara Linux Training: Linux Board Port Discusses the fundamentals necessary to port a TI Linux-based EVM platform to a custom target platform. Introduces the necessary steps needed to port the following components: Linux kernel.
Sitara Linux Training: U-Boot Board Port Sitara Linux Training: U-Boot Board Port Discusses the fundamentals necessary to port a TI Linux-based EVM platform to a custom target platform. Introduces the necessary steps needed to port the following components: secondary program loader, u-boot.
Sitara Linux Training: U-Boot/Kernel Debug with CCSv5 Sitara Linux Training: U-Boot Linux Debug with CCSv5 Learn about how U-Boot and Kernel Debug can be done using CCSv5 using JTAG. This presentation and accompanying lab will discuss what debug information is necessary to be built into U-Boot and the Kernel to allow source code level debug with a JTAG interface.
ARM Multimedia ARM Multimedia Introduces open-source based multimedia codecs for the ARM Cortex-A8. In addition, look at the capability of the NEON coprocessor to accelerate multimedia. Plus, introduces GStreamer, an open-source pipeline-based framework that enables access for multimedia through FFMPEG/libav support on the ARM. GStreamer will be illustrated with Linux SDK examples.
Sitara Linux Training: Hands on with QT Sitara Linux Training: Hands on with QT Learn how to develop a GUI quickly with the Linux SDK. Learn background information on QT. Learn how to use the SDK to get started developing a GUI. Learn about QT Creator and all the QT toolset.
Oprofile Oprofile Introduces the Opensource tool Oprofile. When is it useful during the development cycle. Introduce some of the more popular features. Cover both modes of operation, internal HW counters or timer interrupts. Cover internal operation details. Also point out use cases where Oprofile may not be useful.
Init Scripts Sitara Linux Training: Init Scripts Learn how the Linux init scripts work with the sysvinit system as well as how the profile scripts can be used to affect the login process.
Optimizing Linux Boot Time Sitara Linux Training: Optimizing Linux Boot Time Learn how to identify the portions of the Linux boot taking the most time and remove or defer those operations until later. The goal of this lab is to have a system booting to a display on the LCD and reading a touchscreen event in less than 3 seconds.
Getting Started with Openembedded Sitara Linux Training: Getting Started with Openembedded
Introduction to Cross Compling Lecture Introduction to Cross Compiling
Introduction to Git Introduction to Git