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Source code for DSP BIOS

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Source Code for DSP/BIOS

Source code for DSP/BIOS may be obtained by signing a source code license agreement and paying a licensing fee. Source code is primarily licensed for the following reasons:

  • Certification for applications that must be meet specific testing and documentation standards, such as aviation or military
  • Aiding debugging of applications using DSP/BIOS by providing source code debugging visibility into the operating system and removing the 'black box' aspect of the standard binary product

As of September 2008, the price for source code is US$ 20,000.00. The license does not allow for source code modification, except for instrumentation for debugging or code coverage purposes. To obtain the source code, contact your local TI sales representative or technical support. They will need to convey the request to the DSP/BIOS Product Manager or to DSP Systems Software Marketing.