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System Analyzer Tutorial 1: Getting Started


Thank you for your interest in learning how to use System Analyzer and the Unified Instrumentation Architecture (UIA) target software package!

The code for this tutorial ships with the UIA target content package. Code Composer Studio's New Project Wizard can be used to automatically create a project that includes the tutorial code.

So let's get started!

System Analyzer Tutorial 1 is split up into a number of subsections (1A - 1D), all of which are built and run from the same CCS project.

A GEL file is provided to make it easy to run the various subsections. If all you want to do is see System Analyzer in action, you can simply run Tutorial1A - Tutorial1D from the gel script. The link below covers how to load and run the gel script and how to start System Analyzer:

Each subsection of the tutorial has an associated wiki page that explains what is happening:

  • Tutorial 1A: how to instrument your application code to log errors, warnings, and informational events
  • Tutorial 1B: how to benchmark your application code so that you can see how long it takes to execute code on a running system
  • Tutorial 1C: how to control which events in your application are enabled and disabled
  • Tutorial 1D: how to upload the contents of dynamically allocated strings so that references to them can be displayed as text
  • Tutorial 1E: LogUC.h - reducing the number of cycles required to log an event
  • Tutorial 1F: Function Profiling