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System Analyzer Tutorial 2: Graphing Events and using JTAG Run-mode


This tutorial demonstrates the steps needed to capture and graph data from a running application. It also demonstrates how to stream events from a running target to System Analyzer using the CCS Debug Server's JTAG Run-mode datastreams, and how to configure your application to use different "Logger" modules.

The code for System Analyzer Tutorial 2 ships with the UIA target content package. Code Composer Studio's New Project Wizard can be used to automatically create a project that includes the tutorial code. System Analyzer Tutorial 2 is split up into a number of subsections (2A - 2C), all of which are built and run from the same CCS project.

NOTE: uia_1_01_00_04 has a bug in it that causes Tutorial2 to not work properly. Use uia_1_01_00_09_eng or later releases when building this tutorial!

Each subsection of the tutorial has an associated wiki page that explains what is happening:

  • Tutorial 2A: Configuring your application to Log data over JTAG
  • Tutorial 2B: Using the UIAEvt_intWithKey event to log values over time
  • Tutorial 2C: Working with System Analyzer's Count Analysis graphs