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System Analyzer Tutorial 3: Real-time visibility for SysBios


System Analyzer Tutorial 3 demonstrates the steps needed to capture and graph real-time performance information from a target application that uses SYS/BIOS.

The tutorial is based on a "stairstep" example that runs continuously and periodically generates log events. Different threads (Hwi, Swi, Task) run to present a CPU load to the system.
The code for this example project ships with the UIA target content package (in the packages\ti\uia\examples\single folder). Code Composer Studio's New Project Wizard can be used to automatically create a project that includes the example project code. Details on how to build and configure the example project are provided in Tutorial 3A and 3B.

The tutorial has been split into two sections: Tutorial 3A runs on C66X, C64X or Cortex M3 simulators. Tutorial 3B demonstrates the use of Ethernet as a transport (for run-time monitoring of local or remote systems), and runs on C66x EVMs that include an Ethernet connector (the example code that is provided is based on a C6678L EVM).