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System Analyzer Tutorial 5: LoggerStreamer


Unified Instrumentation Architecture (UIA) software releases uia_1_01_01_14 and later provide a logger called LoggerStreamer that is designed to minimize the overhead associated with logging events. It can be used with Multicore Navigator on Keystone Architecture devices to efficiently stream events over Ethernet to a remote PC running System Analyzer (requires System Analyzer v1.1 or later).

A c-code implementation of LoggerStreamer and the UIA events and Log APIs are provided by the cUIA (c-only Unified Instrumentation Architecture) software package for use on CPUs that are not running SysBios. (For example, cUIA can be used by user-space Linux applications running on an ARM core to log standard UIA benchmarking events.) Events logged by the cUIA software can be viewed in System Analyzer v1.1 or later, allowing the events to be time-correlated with UIA events logged on other CPUs.

Heterogeneous Keystone architecture devices such as the TMS320TCI6614 include both ARM and DSP cores, and are supported by the Small Cell Multicore Software Development Kit (SC-MCSDK). The SC-MCSDK provides a trace framework that is based on the Multicore Navigator technology and uses LoggerStreamer to log UIA software instrumentation events on cores running SysBios.

Tutorial topics: In Tutorial 5, we will work through some examples that cover the following topics:

  • Tutorial 5A: A Flight Recorder logger: using LoggerStreamer to log events to memory and uploading the events to a binary file for off-line analysis in System Analyzer
  • Tutorial 5B: Using LoggerStreamer and the PDK Trace Framework.
  • Tutorial 5C: Streaming event data over UDP (Note: This tutorial is under construction!)
  • Tutorial 5D: Optimizing performance: optimal packet sizes and buffer alignment. (Note: This tutorial is under construction!)
  • Tutorial 5E: Using the cUIA implementation of LoggerStreamer on ARM/Linux (Note: This tutorial is under construction!)

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