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System Analyzer Tutorials (CCSv5)

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System Analyzer Tutorials

These tutorials introduce the basics of the System Analyzer and the Unified Instrumentation Architecture (UIA) target content package. Each tutorial is based on a project that you can build and run in CCS, either on a simulator or on an emulation target.

Except where otherwise noted, these tutorials can be used with any C6000 or ARM Cortex M3 device or simulator.


Before starting the tutorials, you should have done the following:

  • Installed Code Composer Studio v5.0.3.00007 or later. CCSv5.1.0 or later is strongly recommended.
  • You can find out which version of CCS you have installed by opening Help / About Code Composer Studio.
  • On some older releases of CCS, the About box version is based on a build date (e.g. N20110110900). In these cases, the CCS version and build number can usually be determined by the name of the ccsv5\ccs_base folder. E.g. ccsv5\ccs_base_5.0.3.00009 indicates that CCSv5.0.3.00009 is installed.
  • You can download the latest version of CCS from here.
  • Please see for any known issues that may require additional steps to work around.
  • Learned how to use Code Composer Studio to create, build, run, and test a program.
  • Installed System Analyzer.

Important Notes

Warning.gif uia_1_03_00_02 : JTAG Transport does not work properly on some devices.

  • Project builds cleanly, System Analyzer starts normally, but no events are captured.

Tutorials for older versions of UIA

Note: Multicore System Analyzer (MCSA) was renamed "System Analyzer" in CCSv5.1 to reflect the fact that it supports single core devices as well as multicore devices. In versions of the UIA up to and including UIA_1_00_01_17, the UIA Tutorial projects used a prefix of "mcsa" in some of their file names. In later releases, these files have been renamed to use "systemAnalyzer" as a prefix.

If you are using UIA_1_00_01_17 or earlier, please click here to view the appropriate versions of the Tutorials.

Overview of the tutorials

Tutorial1.gif Tutorial2.gif Tutorial3.gif Tutorial4.gif

Advanced Topics

Tutorial5.gif UIAcToolsTutorial1.gif Tutorial7 OpenMP.gif Tutorial8 Keystone.gif