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TI-RTOS Support

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Known Issues

These are issues found after the release was made public.

GCC and IAR Users

  • TI-RTOS Examples SemiHosting: Examples do not work booting from flash.
  • IAR 7.20 users: Loading ARM binaries are hit and miss.
  • TI-RTOS Example's linker files in IAR: The default linker files are used instead of the example's linker file.
  • TI-RTOS IAR Example do not build: IAR users do not build because of a XDCTOOLS_JAVA_HOME error.
  • The TI-RTOS kernel and instrumentation examples are not getting a linker file. Simply copy one from one of the TI-RTOS driver examples.
  • A TI-RTOS debugging session can fail in the IAR EW for ARM 7.40.2 or earlier if the ROV view “BIOS.Scan for errors …” is activated. The actual error message depends on the processor state, but it will indicate that the processor state is invalid. The workaround is either to update the IAR EW for ARM to a newer version or to replace the TI-RTOS plugin with a newer version. The zip file File:Iar 1 00 01 contains the file tirtosplugin.dll in the directory iar_1_00_01_06\plugins\rtos\TI-RTOS. This file should be copied to the directory arm\plugins\rtos\TI-RTOS of your IAR EW installation. Before copying the file, back up the existing tirtosplugin.dll.

Networking on TM4C129 Devices

CCS 6.1.3 on Linux

  • TI-RTOS 2.15 and 2.16 installers also install XDCtools 3.32, which can't be used to build projects in CCS 6.1.3. The following error is displayed: "XDCTOOLS_JAVA_HOME is set, but does not appear to be a directory containing a 64-bit Java Runtime Environment (1.7 or greater): e.g., '/usr/lib/jvm/java-7-openjdk-amd64'". The workaround is to switch to XDCtools, in Project Properties->CCS General->RTSC->XDCtools version. That step has to be performed for each new CCS project.

Version 2.16.00

Version 2.15.00

Version 2.14.03

  • For CC13xx 4x4, the PIN driver will not return an error if application tries to allocate/configure DIO_10 although it's not present on the device.
  • For CC13xx 5x5, the PIN driver will not return an error if application tries to allocate/configure DIO_15 although it's not present on the device.

Version 2.13.xx

  • SPI_transfer with small transfers on CC26xx might hang when power management is enabled. Fixed in newer versions.

Version 2.12.01

Version 2.12.00

Version 2.00.00 and 2.00.01

Version 1.21.00

  • TI-RTOS TM4C129 Emac Issues: Inconsistent Ethernet connectivity (e.g. cannot get IP address via DHCP)
  • IAR Versions: The release notes omitted the recommended IAR versions. For MSP430, it is 5.60.3. For ARM, it is


  • C28 Demo examples do not build: Open the project properties and select General->Product and Repositories. Fill in the blank Target field with "ti.targets.C28_float".
  • Cannot properly flash DK-TM4C129X in CCS 5.5: You need to replace the <ccs_install_dir>\ccsv5\ccs_base\DebugServer\bin\FlashStellaris.dll with this one: File:TI-RTOS CCS5.5


  • Stellaris Launchpad confusion: TI-RTOS explicitly supports the EK_TM4C123GXL board which has the TM4C123GH6PM device. These examples work for the EK-LM4F120XL board also.
  • Backward Compatibility Section in Release Notes: This section omitted the following
    • "MWARE" must be define in the compiler options (i.e. --define=MWARE) for applications on Concerto devices.
    • "TIVAWARE" must be define in the compiler options (i.e. --define=TIVAWARE) for applications on Tiva devices.
  • I2C is missing from EK_TM4C123GXL.c/.h files: Since there were no I2C examples on the launchpad, no I2C configuration was added. This was an oversight. The zip contains the two files updated files that can be used with the TI-RTOS examples:‎
  • USBCDCD bug: In the rxData function in TI-RTOS' USBCDCD.c, the if statement should be (USBBufferDataAvailable(&rxBuffer) || Semaphore_pend(semRxSerial, timeout)) not (length && Semaphore_pend(semRxSerial, timeout)). This fixes partial receives.
  • TI-RTOS Installation Problems in CCS 5.4: Please refer to TI-RTOS_1_10_CCS_Install_Issues


  • TI-RTOS Porting Guide: How to move to TI-RTOS for the following reasons
    • How to move a TI-RTOS example to another board
    • How to move to TI-RTOS from SYS/BIOS
    • How to move to TI-RTOS from a *Ware (e.g. MWare, TivaWare, StellarisWare, etc.) application
    • How to start a start a new TI-RTOS application
  • TI-RTOS MPU9150: MPU-9150 Accelerometer, Gyroscope, & Magnetometer example on a Tiva C TM4C123G development board.



The "Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop" is now available live or online. Follow the links below to find out more. You can take a LIVE workshop (scheduled at various sites around the U.S.) or download/stream the videos of each chapter online and watch at your own pace. All of the labs, solutions, student guides, installation instructions, lab procedures, etc., are all available to you. The workshop labs run on all MCU platforms (C28x, MSP430, Tiva-C) and the C6000. Check it out...

For live instruction: Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop - Live

For online videos: Intro to TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop - Online