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Introduction to the TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop

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Introduction to the TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop

What is the TI-RTOS Kernel? It is a real-time operating system (RTOS) used on most TI processor/MCU platforms - formerly known as SYS/BIOS or just BIOS. If you are a CC26xx, Tiva-C, MSP43x, C6000 or C2000 user, the kernel is included in the official TI-RTOS SDK download. If you are a Cortex A8/9/15 or Multi-core (C66x) user or plan to use ANY other processor that supports SYS/BIOS or the TI-RTOS kernel, this workshop is for you.

TI-RTOS Live Training

For Live training, contact TI's TI-RTOS 3rd Party training partner - Mindshare Advantage - to schedule training. Eric Wilbur, the Managing Partner of Mindshare Advantage, wrote this workshop while at Texas Instruments and will be your instructor:

If you plan to work through this workshop series on your own, please visit the website above which contains all of the CURRENT student guides, lab/solution files and installation procedures.
This workshop will provide:

  • All TI EP users (CC26xx, C28x, MSP430, Tiva-C, C6000, C66x Multi-core/OMAP, Cortex A8) with an introduction to the TI-RTOS Kernel (a.k.a. SYS/BIOS)
  • Users with a working knowledge of the various TI-RTOS kernel thread types - Hwi, Swi, Task, Idle
  • All users the ability to create TI-RTOS kernel projects from scratch and learn the DO's and DON'Ts of the tools
  • Advanced training on services such as mailboxes, queues, mutexes, platform support packages, message queues, platforms, GEL files, etc.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with TI tools including CCSv6.0+, compilers and linkers and, of course, the TI-RTOS kernel
  • While there are plans for IAR support for the TI-RTOS kernel coming soon, all labs will use CCSv6.0+.
  • Note: CC26xx labs will be added by 1Q16 when the new CC26xx LaunchPad is available

Currently, the TI-RTOS kernel workshop does NOT cover:

  • Device Drivers specific to the TI-RTOS SDK (i.e. UART, USB, Networking, etc.)
  • Note: this two-day workshop currently focuses on the kernel (SYS/BIOS), NOT the device drivers, although an optional lab in chapter 4 introduces the template used to initialize and use basic TI-RTOS drivers. The main reason why drivers are not a focus is because C2000 and C6000 users don't have the same driver capability as MSP/TM4C users. In future revisions of the course, a few more optional labs will be provided for MSP/TM4C and CC26xx users.

The agenda will include:

  • Welcome and Introduction to TI’s MCU/C6000 portfolios
  • Code Composer Studio v6.0+
  • Intro to the TI-RTOS kernel – SYS/BIOS – Why use BIOS in your application?
  • SYS/BIOS Mechanics – how to create a SYS/BIOS project and build/load/run it
  • Dealing with Hardware Interrupts in SYS/BIOS
  • Using Clock Functions, Software Interrupts and Tasks
  • How to implement inter-thread communication via mailboxes, queues and mutexes
  • Creating and using dynamic memory in your system (optional chapter only - if time permits)

Choose the TI-RTOS workshop if you are:

  • Developing code for ANY TI MCU (TI-RTOS Kernel), C6000 (single or multi-core), AM335x (Cortex A8), or C66x using SYS/BIOS
  • ARM + DSP multi-core user who wants to understand the DSP "black box" and the RTOS (BIOS) running on that CPU (e.g. OMAPxx)

Online Training Videos Available

Online videos are now available for the TI-RTOS Kernel Workshop as well as the C6000 Embedded Design Workshop. The author spent a ton of time post-producing these videos to create an experience for the user that is as close to "live" as possible. Go try one (or four) of them out to see what we mean!

If you're interested in watching the videos of this RTOS workshop online, click on the link below (or stream them directly from the table below):

If you are a C6000 user and want to watch the architecture-specific videos detailing the C6000 architecture, compiler, cache and EDMA, click on the link below:

TI is now hosting all training videos on the new training portal at If you want to stream the TI-RTOS videos, they are located HERE. We are not sure when you will be able to DOWNLOAD these videos from the new training portal - over time, we believe that capability will be turned on. The LINKs below point to the training portal videos for streaming.

Please note that these videos were shot in Dec 2013. All of the material here is very "evergreen" and applies 100% to even the latest TI-RTOS SDKs. However, MANY updates have been made to the PPT slides over time so while the content below is 100% relevant, there is NEW material in each chapter of the PPT slides linked to above (which is taught live). So, after watching these videos, please download the PPTs above to see what new information is contained there to get the latest info.

Topic Time STREAM IT
Workshop Introduction 3 Min Link
Chapter 1 - Welcome 46 Min Link
Chapter 2 - Using Code Composer Studio (CCSv5/6) 69 Min Link
Chapter 3 - TI-RTOS Concepts 70 Min Link
Chapter 3 - Quiz (may not work) 10 Min Link
Chapter 4 - TI-RTOS Configuration 41 Min Link
Chapter 5 - Using Hwi 47 Min Link
Chapter 6 - Using Swi 28 Min Link
Chapter 7 - Using Clock 31 Min Link
Chapter 8 - Using Tasks 53 Min Link
Chapter 9 - Inter-thread Communication 65 Min Link
Chapter 10 - Using Dynamic Memory 45 Min Link

Workshop Suggestions, Feedback, Questions, Comments

Email ericw@MindshareAdvantage[dot]com