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TI811X PSP Release Notes

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TI811X PSP Release Notes
Linux PSP

This document is applicable for Release only.

About This Manual

This document gives an overview of the Linux PSP Release Contains information of bug fixes, features added and online code repositories.

Release Date: October, 2012

Document License

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.

Read This First

TI811X+JAMR2 daughter card

  • I2C errors will thrown if JAMR2 daughter card is connected to the EVM and not powered up correctly.

PCIe: - PCIe is not supported.

Video Related

  • sbuffaddr is 0x9fd00000 for releases till HDVPSS_01_00_01_43. From HDVPSS_01_00_01_44 release onwards the sbuffaddr is changed to 0x9fb00000.
  • Make sure that PIN8 of SW6 switch is turned on(to make off-chip HDMI display and EVM LCD display work).
  • For Off-Chip HDMI display, on some TV's the image might be cropped(Few Lines(~15) on left and top might be missed), This is due to some TV's will do overscaling.If TV supports to disable this feature, then after disabling the video will be proper.
  • Some Flashes will be seen on LCD display during power cycle. After inserting tlc59108 module, you will see Flickers, change the venc timings suitable for LCD.Refer Video Driver User Guide for more details on changing the timings.
  • Off-Chip HDMI is working with only small lilliput display, samsung and philips TV, some models of Samsung may not work.
  • Flickers observed on LCD display while booting. This is due to some bug in the LCD daughter board.The fix for this issue is Removing R23 from the LCD daughter board.

Hardware modification for Off-Chip HDMI to work with all TV's

Remove R267 and R578, and populate R264 and R579 with 10K registers

Hardware modification for Flickers observed on LCD display while booting

Removing R23 from the LCD daughter board.

Hardware modification for 16-bit NAND/NOR

16-bit NAND is supplied with the EVM but the bus width selection switch is not populated on the EVM. By default, GPMC_D[12] is pulled down, hence corresponding to 8-bit NAND support. So, to support the NAND boot on the EVM (having 16-bit NAND), the following modification has to be done:

  • Pull up GPMC_D[12]: the resistor populated at R336 should be moved to R313

This will set BTMODE12 to 1, which is the required configuration to support 16-bit NAND.

USB Overcurrent on USB1 port:
Please use daughter board for USB1 support, refer to TI811X known issue section.

  • GPIO ports from banks 4 and 5 do not have any pin control registers associated with them and hence were not added to pinmux table.
  • GPIO banks 4 and 5 do not have direct interrupt lines. For details on configuring GPIO interrupts refer to Confguriing Interrupts for GPIO4 and 5 Banks

Ethernet Switch setting
Ethernet Pins and GPMC (NOR) pins are muxed in the EVM. The mux selection can be done via combination of EVM switch setting and GPIO(Bank-5 GPIO-4).

  • GP5[4] is by default low and not programmed
GPMC and EMAC Pin Mux Selection
SW10.2 GPMC/EMAC Pinout connects to

EMAC 1 Phy power line is connected via SW7.1, to enable EMAC 1 Phy the following setting to be followed

  • SW7.1 - On

CPSW Switch configuration

  • Swtich configuration IOCTL command interface is changed from SIOCDEVPRIVATE to SIOCSWITCHCONFIG.

Code Repositories

The code base for Linux kernel and U-Boot included in this release is hosted at the following repositories:

Kernel and Uboot Source
Component Repository (Branch) Baseline Tag/Commit Release Tag/Commit
TI811X Linux Kernel KernelRepo 2b3ea6aa16956e15f1ba8e7b70898aaacbec2237 v2.6.37_TI811XPSP_04.07.00.02.patch1
TI811X U-Boot Uboot Repo v2010.06 v2010.06_TI811XPSP_04.07.00.02.pacth1

Cross Compiler: The kernel and U-Boot have been compiled with Arago Cross Compiler Toolchain v2011.09 with GCC 4.5.3, this can be downloaded from Arago Toolchain.


For complete list of components versions that will work with this release, please refer to the Software BOM page at

This release requires following tools/packages to be installed for fbdev/v4l2 drivers:

Table Title
Tool/Component Release Version
CCS or
CGTools 4.9.2

What's Supported

The Linux PSP package supports the following components:

Boot Modes Supported
Boot Mode

U-Boot Features
Feature Supported(YES/NO)
Ethernet Switch 1-Port

Linux Device Drivers
Driver Supported (YES/NO) Remarks


V4L2 Capture
NO TI811X platform has only TVP5158 decoder, and it is multichannel. V4L2 framework does not support multichannel capture.
V4L2 Display

SII9022a external HDMI transmitter driver

HDMI Audio

AIC3106 Audio

ADC3101 Audio NA
Ethernet Switch

Watchdog Timer YES


USB Host
USB Gadget

New in this Release

- DCAN driver, RTC and USB Gadget support have been added as part of this release

- NOR Boot mode and Kernel support have been added as part of this release

- MMC/SD: Card detection through GPIO pin

Fixed in this Release

This section lists down the issues fixed in this release.

Issues Fixed in This Release
Issue Identifier Issue Headline
SDOCM00091462 USB: Kernel crash seen when booting the Kernel during usbss init function
SDOCM00092463 USB: kernel hangs during usb initialization(after write to rxcalib reg) after rmmod and insmod of usb module ti81xx.ko
SDOCM00089945 USB: USB modular insertion and removal multiple times does not work
SDOCM00092748 With usb modular build, Invalid teardown PD popped during teardown of dma channel when audio aplay completed.
SDOCM00095074 USB: Use CPPI41 RXDMA will impact when system load is high due to interconnect bridge delay during desc-update by DMA
SDOCM00089892 USB: video capture and play from usb camera (Logitech pro 9000) fails for 640X480 resolution
SDOCM00090443 USB: HP DVD-RW drive connected to EVM causes kernel crashes
SDOCM00088387 USB audio through aplay does not work intermittently when stopped (by control-c) and started again
SDOCM00090821 USB: video capture using usb logitech pro 9000 camera does not work for 1600x1200 resolution
SDOCM00090854 USB: musb driver shall use the non-posted read/write API for all register access.
SDOCM00085423 ALSA: aplay takes 4 time the buffer size set using option --buffer-size.
SDOCM00089521 ALSA first capture sample is always zero on EVM.
SDOCM00082356 DebugFS entries for pinmux show incorrect status for some pins and do not allow chaging pullup/down
SD/MMC: card removal while IO is in progress causes system hang
NAND: misalignment on format for storing ECC in OOB, between ROM code and UBoot/Kernel driver causing NAND Read issue with BCH8 ECC scheme.
HSPE bit for High Speed cards is not set in the MMC/SD module driver
NAND: Fake bad blocks reported due to WRITE timeouts, on frequent context switching and high CPU load.
SDOCM00095805 switch-config disable-vlan does not delete the vlan entry
SDOCM00095794 Rmmod of ti_cpsw module causes segmentation fault
SDOCM00095793 Warning and backtrace while dumping switch-config table after adding multicast entry
SDOCM00096031 Issue with NOR Flashing utility and flashing tools guide
SDOCM00096168 The switch settings for NOR flashing using CCS is not clearly documented
SDOCM00096169 Unable to boot from NOR after erasing the NOR File System partition
SDOCM00090880 USB: USB Device mode does not work in DMA mode for composite or multi gadget device classes
SDOCM00091136 USB: Babble workaround fix in software shall reinitialize the FIFO address after controller reset
SDOCM00084027 When Clock parent is changed dynamically using clk_set_parent(), change is not reflected in clock entries in debugfs
SDOCM00085253 clk_enable() for second time on ADPLL clocks fails, such as gem_fck
SDOCM00090102 Enabling mmu_ick/mmu_cfg_ick fails with timeout error
SDOCM00090376 Enabling pins with multiple entries in partition table fails with duplicate path error
SDOCM00094090 Clock source selection mask for uart5 and 6 functional clocks is wrong
SDOCM00092768 U-Boot trace Showing device as "-GP rev 1.0", it must be "-GP rev 1.1.
SDOCM00090994 audio playback lag due to incorrect input clock frequency on EVM.
SDOCM00093647 Noise is observed for ALSA loop-back when capture gain is set to > 30%
SDOCM00092767 SD/MMC: Incorrect U-boot Trace message when booting from SPI
SDOCM00095332 SD/MMC: incomplete information in Uboot user guide on 'how to use' (documentation)
SDOCM00093671 NAND: incomplete information on requirements of 'NAND scrubbing' and 'UBIFS sync command' (documentation)
SDOCM00093388 Kernel boot crashes when uImage is downloaded via tftp
SDOCM00092770 [HDVPSS] Blue bar appearing at the left of HDMI TV once V4L2 is initialized.
SDOCM00093062 [HDVPSS V4L2] Video shifted left by almost 50 pixels in LCD
SDOCM00093452 [HDVPSS-V4L2] Image shifted left by ~50 pixels while displaying on LCD.
SDOCM00093453 [HDVPSS-V4L2] HDMI display not working
SD/MMC: Incorrect parent clock-divider configuration causing random hanging of SD boot.
SDOCM00093549 HDMI display not working for particular Samsung model (Model no: LA32B550K1R)
SDOCM00093625 [HDVPSS] - Resizer functionality not working
SDOCM00093891 [HDVPSS]- Sparkles seen on off-Chip HDMI Display
SDOCM00093026 [HDVPSS] saMmapDisplay application hung
SDOCM00094358 [HDVPSS] Getting errors "notify_shm_drv_sendevent failed ...." during insmod vpss.ko
SDOCM00095558 Kernel hangs during boot upon filesystem with recent versions of "udev"
SD/MMC: SD cards show timeout errors when run with higher SD frequency and 4-bit transfer mode
SDOCM00094357 [HDVPSS] Getting errors VPSS_FVID2 timeout & VPSS_DCTRL failure while insmod vpss.ko
SDOCM00095582 USB : Devices connected to USB port 1 cant be exposed as gadget through usb port 0.
SDOCM00095588 USB: device busy observed on reinserting of gadget module for usb0 if gadget module is already inserted for usb1.
USB: rmmod of g_file_storage gadget module is not working when nfs-file is used as storage media exposing to host
SDOCM00095865 Touchscreen: ts_test does not run
SDOCM00095887 pinmux entries in debugfs : Mode7 value is appended with Mode8 values
SDOCM00091535 Off-chip HDMI display not working with some TV's
SDOCM00095479 [Error Prints] - Notify send event errors should be disabled
SDOCM00092888 Getting kernel warning for first time while running ./saLoopBack ntsc, 2nd time onwards this message do not come

Known Issues

This list of known issues for this release

Known Issues
Issue Identifier Issue Headline Known Workaround(s)
Audio pop noise while powering up the codec.. This is due to the AIC3106 Codec hardware limitation.
USB:  : In OTG/dual role mode, after removal of all the devices connected to root port and again re-connect of device does not get detect. Since usb is built in otg mode, this is expected behavior in real usb otg mode functionality. The workaround is to set the session bit after re-connect of device (use command # echo F > /proc/driver/musb_hdrc.0 or 1)
USB: Sequence to be followed while rmmod of musb driver module in loop
Insert the musb modules in sequence (1. musb_hdrc.ko, 2.cppi41dma.ko, 3.ti81xx.ko) and remove all the modules in reverse order of insertion.
SDOCM00087448 USB_Audio : DUT hangs for 8 to 10 sec when unpluging the USB audio device during playback Issue observed while using aplay utility, the aplay application does not exit after device disconnect. Recommended to stop the audio playback before unplugging of audio device.
SDOCM00088375 USB: Truncated packets with CRC error observed during transmit operation causing multiple resets while creating a file on HP flash drive The requires both (a) following the TI recommended USB PCB Design guideline and (b) SW workaround to fine-tune USBPHY calibration parameters. The SW patch is available as part of release package.
SDOCM00091461 USB: CPPI41DMA: TX DMA generates the early completion interrupt before last byte from endpoint TxFifo is transferred out. SW workaround is to poll till last byte is transferred out on bus, the patch available as part of release package.
SDOCM0086738 Extra IN token issue: While transferring file through usb-wifi client(to tftp server) & concurrent i/o to connected USB HDD, causes intermittent resets on the USB bus SW workaround is to configure the rx transfer in transparent DMA mode and handle USB data toggle appropriately. The workaround is included in the release package
SDOCM0091179 USB: MUSB spurious interrupt observed during Isochronous transfer. The PID/CRC errors interrupts gets cleared by USB DMA before CPU could read error status, thus making the interrupt spurious. No workaround. Though CRC errors of Isochronous does not impact functionally, this prevents application to take any further action in case of very bad USB signal quality.
SDOCM00086741 USB: While performing USBCV test with Remote wake-up capability(rndis) the EVM console freezes till test is completed. None
SDOCM00096335 USB: feeble, momentary audio glitch observed when new device inserted while playing audio out through usb headset None
USB: Dynamic detection of USB-ID pin not working when device connected after linux bootup
Configure USBx_ID pin appropriately for host/device role. USBx_ID pin to Short (for host mode) and open (for device mode).
USBOTG: The SRP (Session Request Protocol) initiated from OTG-B peripheral device is not working
SDOCM00089115 NAND: Subpage support in NAND is not implemented None
NAND: 1-bit data corruption observed while running stress test
SDOCM00090415 There is continuous over current message on console from USB1 port when kernel loaded in usb host mode on EVM If daughter board or USB1 port is not used, then disable the USB1 port, follow the steps explained in this patch. Note that this patch will not apply directly, edit the specific changes manually as mentioned in the patch.
SDOCM00093550 Connecting USB mouse post boot does not work Need to ensure that the mini-A-cable shipped with the kit is left connected at all times. Hot plugging devices will then work.
SDOCM00093551 /proc/cpuinfo shows incorrect value(value 0) for revision and Serial no None
SDOCM00091706 [HDVPSS-HDMI] HDMI Control STOP on Disabled HDMI output causes HDMI driver to crash None
SDOCM00092874 [HDVPSS] ioctl VIDIOC_S_CROP fails The scalar component present in the VIP module will not pass the FID (field id) information (it will always send the field id as 0, for all the fields). This IOCTL will configures the frame resolution of the output of sclar. As scalar cannot be used for interlaced content, this IOCTL is not supported.
SDOCM00092875 ioctl VIDIOC_S_FMT with buf type V4L2_BUF_TYPE_VIDEO_OVERLAY fails The scalar component present in the VIP module will not pass the FID (field id) information (it will always send the field id as 0, for all the fields). This IOCTL will configures the frame resolution of the output of sclar. As scalar cannot be used for interlaced content, this IOCTL is not supported.
MMC write protection is not working. Card is writable even if it is locked
This is limitation on the EVM as the write-protect pinis not hooked up. Software ignores the write protect status of the card
Ethernet PHY (on port 0) doesn't get detected after 80 plus (soft)reboots The issue is seen with only one of the ports on the J5Eco EVM
MMC Module is not prevented from being removed.While an IO operation is in progress, the MMC module is still being permitted to be removed. Limitation with the MMC stack on Linux
MMC modular stress read write test fails on some cards. The issue is seen with specific cards on subsequent insmod operations(after rmmod) Use MMC driver as kernel built-in
Removing SPI controller module during SPI flash read/write causes failures Use SPI controller driver as kernel built-in
NAND: modular stress test cause kernel crash Use Nand driver as kernel built-in

  1. VIDIOC_QUERYSTD on capture device is not supported. This is software limitation, because TVP5158 is not added as sub-device.TVP5158 driver need to be enabled in video capture driver to support this.
  2. DVI support for sii9022a driver is not supported If the Display monitor is in DVI mode then cropping happens as sii9022a driver is not supported.
  3. IOCTL VIDIOC_S_CROP and VIDIOC_S_FMT with buf type V4L2_BUF_TYPE_VIDEO_OVERLAY is not supported if the input format is interlaced.The scalar component present in the VIP module will not pass the FID (field id) information (it will always send the field id as 0, for all the fields).This IOCTL will configures the frame resolution of the output of scalar. As scalar cannot be used for interlaced content, this IOCTL is not supported.

Installation and Usage

Please look for detailed installation and usage instructions in User Guide

Device Support and Validation Information

This release supports the devices listed below and has been tested on the same.

Device support and Validation
Device' Version' Remarks'
TI811X EVM (base board) Si revision PG 1.1, Baseboard Rev C,D ARM @600MHz and DDR @400MHz
JAMR Application board App.Board revision v2.1


This is release of TI811X Linux PSP product.

Useful Links

TI811X PSP User Guide
TI811X PSP Feature Performance Guide/DataSheet
PSP Release Download Page

Technical Support and Product Updates

For further information or to report any problems, contact or

OMAP Linux Mailing List: </div>