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TMS320C6x1x DSP Integration Workshop

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This workshop takes you through all phases of designing a C6000 DSP-based system using eXpressDSP™ tools. Using the C6713 DSK or C6416T DSK platform, you will gain hands-on experience using Code Composer Studio Platinum Edition 3.1™ to build and debug projects.

All of this is accomplished through designing a system that inputs data via the codec and serial port on the C6713 or C6416T DSK. The EDMA is used to move the data onto the processor, navigating double-buffers and sorting data into left and right channels. All of the programming is done in the C language and makes use of TI´s Chip Support Library.

This workshop primarily covers the first and second generation TMS320C6000 (C62x, C67x, C64x) devices.

Attend a Live Workshop

You can find the workshop schedule and enrollment information for a live TMS320C6000 DSP Optimization Workshop here: C6000 DSP Integration Workshop

Note: In the USA, this workshop is only available upon request.

Workshop Version

C6000 Integration Workshop (IW6000)
Released: Aug 2005
Version: 3.1a

Workshop Materials