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TMS570 Code Composer Studio Setup

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NOTE: The purpose of this guide is to explain the setup of Code Composer Studio v4 for use with the TMS570 Safety MCU Demos and the TMS570 MDK Kit

Code Compser Studio Overview


Code Composer Studio v4 is the integrated development environment for TI's DSPs, microcontrollers and application processors. As of version 4 CCStudio is based on the Eclipse open source software framework. CCStudio is based on Eclipse because it offers an excellent software framework for development environments a standard framework many embedded software vendors. CCStudio combines the advantages of the Eclipse software framework with advanced embedded debug capabilities from TI resulting in a compelling feature rich development environment for embedded developers.

Useful Links

Code Composer Studio Quick Start

Launching Code Composer Studio

There are two ways to launch Code Composer Studio.  After launching Code Composer Studio using one of the two methods below, please skip ahead to Configuring CCSv4

From the TMS570 Safety MCU Demo Software

  • First, from the TMS570 Safety MCU Demos, start Code Composer Studio by clicking on the bottom right icon. The following message should appears:

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (5).jpg

Jump to Configuring CCSv4


Code Composer Studio can be launched manually in one of two ways.

  • By double clicking on the Code Composer Studio v4 icon on your desk
  • From the start menu
    • All Programs --> Texas Instruments --> Code Composer Studio v4 and clicking on the item titled Code Composer Studio v4

Configuring CCSv4

  • Click on Target->New Target Configuration. The following windows will appear.

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (6).jpg

  • In the Target configuration Windows, select:
    • Connection: Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator
    • Device: TMS570LS20206SPGE and Save the configuration

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (7).jpg

  • Click on View-> Target Configuration and link the ANTARES_USB_Stick configuration to Demo_Software_Ver1_1

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (8).jpg

  • Right click on ANTARES_USB_Stick configuration and make it the default.

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (9).jpg

  • Click on Target-> Launch TI Debugger.
    • This option will start the debugger but will not program the code in the Device Flash Memory. This is an option if the code is already programmed in the Microcontroller.

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot.jpg

  • In the Debug windows, Right Click on the Disconnected Device and select Connect Target as shown below.

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (1).jpg

  • Click on Target-> Load Symbols and select the out-file for the Demo Code.
 C:\ti\TMS570 Safety MCU Demos\Demo_Software_Ver1_1\Debug\Demo_Software_Ver1_1.out 

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (2).jpg

  • You are ready to debug your Demo Software.

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (3).jpg

Target Debug Active Target

This is an alternate way to start the debugger. Instead of launching the TI Debugger, use the following instruction.

  • CCS will connect to the device automatically; will download the code in the Flash Memory by performing an Erase command followed by a programming command. The symbols will also been downloaded.

CCS Quick Start Screen Shot (4).jpg