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TMS570 USB Kit

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TMS570 USB KIT.png

The TMS570 Microcontroller USB Kit can be used to quickly evaluate code development and performance of the TMS570 MCU. It includes the IEC61508 SIL3 certified TMS570LS20216 which has dual Cortex-R4F ARM CPU's running in lockstep, 2MB of on-chip Flash, 160KB of RAM, and a enhanced set of peripheral modules. Several key features include:

  • Powered by USB only - no power supply required
  • LEDs, Temp Sensor, Light Sensor and CAN transceiver
  • Access to select peripheral pins
  • On board emulation - no need for external JTAG emulator

More information specific to the TMS570 Microcontroller family can be found on the TMS570 wiki page.


Kit Contents

Included in the kit are the following items:

  1. TMS570 USB Development Stick
  2. USB Extender Cable
  3. Mini Flashlight
  4. Quick Start Guide
  5. Software Installation DVD
  • CodeComposer Studio v4.1 IDE
  • Flash programming integrated into CCS
  • HALCoGen Peripheral Drivers Generation Tool
  • HET GUI/Simulator/Assembler including Synapticad WaveViewer
  • Demo Project/Code Examples

How to Order Kit

To order the TMS570 Microcontroller USB Kit, visit the TI e-Store.

To learn more about other TMS570 Development Kits, visit the TMS570 Tools & Software webpage.


USB Stick Schematic

The schematic drawings for the TMS570 USB Stick are available here: TMS570 USB Stick Schematics.pdf

USB Stick Gerber Files

The Gerber files necessary for fabricating the TMS570 USB Stick are available here: TMS570 USB Stick

Quick Start Guide

The Quick Start Guide included in the TMS570 USB kit contains an overview of the board components as well as instructions for setting up the software and connecting the USB stick. A digital version of the Quick Start Guide can be found here: Quick Start Guide.pdf


Important Links

  • Visit the TMS570 Homepage for the latest information on upcoming products and TMS570 announcements.