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Talk:GSG: Running the DVEVM Demos

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Comments on GSG: Running the DVEVM Demos

HelmutForren said ...

My DM6467T EVM powers up running the IR remote control image and demo menu. The instructions for "Starting the DVSDK Demo" fail, presumably due to resource conflicts -- after all, the demo is already running and I'm trying to run a second copy at the same time. I have to stop the demo that started from power up before I can run the demo myself. To do this, when seeing the remote control image, press PLAY on the IR remote in order to get to the menu. Then press STOP on the IR remote. Only now can you run the demos yourself.

Also, note that ./interface runs the same demo menu program. If you want to run a different demo, such as ./decode, then you need to omit the ./interface command and replace it with the ./decode command, etc. You still need the ./ command, however.

--HelmutForren 10:16, 7 January 2011 (CST)

Tom.gerardy said ...

U-Boot parameters for DM6467T This doesn't work for me unless I substitute the nfshost and rootpath variables myself. It looks like DHCP may be supplying (incorrect for me) settings for bootserver, rootserver, and rootpath? It tries to communicate with the wrong server and generates this error: Root-NFS: Server returned error -2 while mounting /tftpboot/$(nfshost):$(rootpath)

As I said, substituting my NFS server IP and rootpath directly into bootargs does work, but if anyone can shed light on exactly what is going wrong I would appreciate it.

--Tom.gerardy 16:53, 23 April 2013 (CDT)