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Talk:How to use a RTSC codec package in a non-RTSC environment

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Comments on How to use a RTSC codec package in a non-RTSC environment

Joerngr said ...

I find this article should be worked through to become freed from the implicit assumption, that all users was CCS and Windows users.

Especially when combination with other development frameworks is needed in most cases a pure, makefile-based approach will help a lot. In parts this is already spoken about here, but I mean it should be driven more consequently and by how-to-steps being more abstract but detailed.

And the main theme of this article (use RTSC codec package in a non-RTSC environment) in my opinion should include the way developing a codec package with CE use and cover that by a small wrapper API for linkage to other projects - or how the combination of several codecs should be handled else?

So far the last "I changed my mind..." chapter leads not to the right place, because it assumes that the combination with an other development framework would possible to give it up by such a mind change concerning making use of codec engine.

--Joerngr 06:05, 30 June 2011 (CDT)

Joerngr said ...

P.S. Of course, if I would already be sure about all details, I would change this article by myself - or write an alternative one. But at the moment I have to leave that to those being actually experienced enough. Thatswhy I wrote this comment above, because I fear, that if having enough experience the memory got lost which points had been most open at the beginning... So it's a future note for me, too.

--Joerngr 06:11, 30 June 2011 (CDT)