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Ultimate Workout Companion

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Please watch the video on the Ultimate Workout Companion to the right!

The Ultimate Workout Companion offers the ultimate in TI technology to provide its user with the best workout experience possible. It interfaces simultaneously with multiple wireless devices and internal sensors to provide an accurate heart rate, distance traveled, calories burned, and weight lost. It warns the user if they are overexerting themselves or overheating. It also interfaces with your multimedia PC for playing and pausing workout videos.

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All the devices the Chronos interfaces


Interfaces with six devices simultaneously:

  1. Monitors your heart rate
  2. Pause your workout video
  3. Calculates distance walked
  4. Monitors your temperature
  5. Adjusts calories burned for altitude
  6. Monitors battery voltage

Using the Ultimate Workout Companion

Pausing the workout video using the Ultimate Workout Companion

The Ultimate Workout Companion is a mode available in the top line menu, after the acceleration mode. A BM innovations GmbH wireless heart rate monitor is required to run the UWC.

Starting the Ultimate Workout Companion (If play/pause functionality is not desired, skip to Step 8):

  1. Plug the USB RF Access Point into a front USB port on the Media PC (install drivers if necessary)
  2. Start the Texas Instruments eZ430-Chronos Control Center
  3. Select the "Key Conf" tab
  4. Select "Ultimate Workout Companion.ini" and click "Load"
  5. Select the "SimpliciTI Syn" tab
  6. Click "Start Access Point"
  7. Start the workout video on the Media PC
  8. Insure the BMi heartrate monitor is securely strapped around your chest.
  9. Press the * key until "UWC" is displayed.
  10. Press and hold the * key until the wireless icon begins flashing
  11. Begin working out
  12. To pause the workout video (if desired), press the Up Arrow button

Installing the Ultimate Workout Companion on the TI Chronos

To install the Ultimate Workout Companion, you need the full version of Code Composer Studio installed on your computer.

Installing the Ultimate Workout Companion on the Chronos:

  1. Download the file below to your PC and extract
  2. Start Code Composer Studio
  3. Select Project -> Import Existing CCS/CCE Eclipse Project
  4. Select the Select search-directory radial button
  5. Browse to the extracted folder, selecting the folder called Sports Watch
  6. Select Finish to import the project
  7. In the C/C++ Projects Window, right-click on the project "ez430_chronos"
  8. Select Active Build Configuration -> 915MHz - Unrestricted CCS Platinum (USA)
  9. Right-click on the "ez430_chronos" project again
  10. Select Set as Active Project
  11. Select Project -> Build Active Project
  12. While the project builds, follow the directions to disassemble the watch and remove the module
  13. Remove the battery from the back of the watch
  14. Carefully plug the watch module into the eZ430 Emulator taking care to align the pins
  15. Plug the eZ430 Emulator and watch module into an available USB port on the PC (installing drivers if necessary)
  16. Once the project is done building, select Target -> Debug Active Project
  17. After the module is programmed select Stop Debugging.
  18. When Code Composer Studio returns to the C/C++ window, remove the watch module
  19. Reinsert the battery, then reassemble the watch
  20. When the screen turns on, press any button to start the Chronos

Source Code

The source code is available here.