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Upgrading to a new XDM version

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TI is conducting a series of webexes on how to leverage some of the new Ease Of Use tooling (wizards, Codec Eng features etc) to make upgrading codecs from XDM 0.9 to XDM 1.x easier.

Note that its better to use the specific interface terminology - for example codec vendors should look at IVIDDEC2 when upgrading video decoders. This interface was introduced in XDM 1.2. Complete details on which interfaces were revised in the various XDM updates can be found here. A guide to all of the differences between XDM 0.9 and 1.x can be found here

The webexes can be accessed via the table below. Note that the wrf has the Webex Player embedded in the stream - you don't need to download anything else.

XDM upgrade webex series - streaming presentations
Date Technologies covered URL
06/13/08 RTSC codec & server package wizards, XDM 1.x Leveraging the RTSC wizard(s) to package with XDM 1.x
06/20/08 Digital Video Test Bench (scripting, testing parameters etc), Codec Eng createFromServer for simple, correct config. Testing XDM 1.x Codecs with DVTB
06/27/08 DMAI API – slim API, helps abstract XDM revisions. DMAI DSP-side with RTDX 2.0 for fast I/O Codec Eng tests. Simple XDM 1.x applications with DMAI
09/17/08 XDM 0.9 to 1.x migration - details on interface changes and what the system integrator needs to do to update. XDM 0.9 to 1.x migration