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Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide
Linux Core Power Management User's Guide

I am the author of...

Setting up interrupts in DSP BIOS
Datasheet Errata for OMAP35x CBC Package
Boundary Scan on OMAP35x
Configuring GPIO Interrupts
Configuring GPIO EDMA Events
Avoiding Double Interrupts with the GPIO Peripheral
Tips for using printf
Checking for Stack Overflow using Unified Breakpoint Manager
SD-MMC Usage Notes on OMAP35x
Hardware Design Checklist
Creating a New DSP BIOS Project on OMAP35x
Debugging Boot Issues
Additional Configuration for GPIO120-129 on OMAP35x
Enabling 64x+ Cache
McBSP Channel Swapping
55x FAQ
Pin for Pin Compatibility of DM357 and DM644x
Preventing EMI Issues
Migration from ES2.1 to ES3.1
Building DSPLink Applications
DSP MMU Faults
Low Power Considerations for 55x
SPI Boot on 5502 EVM
Creating Dynamic Objects and Threads in BIOS
Updating BIOS
Codec Engine GenCodecPkg Wizard FAQ
Connecting NOR Flash to OMAP-L138
Summary of Important Git Trees
Common EDMA3 Issues
Guidelines for Posting on the E2E Forums
McASP Tips
Understanding u-boot-min startup for DM814x
How to use the AM335x IBIS Models
Common DDR Issues
Customizing the SDK Splash Screen
Common Issue Resulting in Slow External Memory Performance
Using WL18xx with DM365 EVM
Debugging AM335x Suspend-Resume Issues
PRU-ICSS Debug on AM335x
AM572x SR1.1 to SR2.0 Migration
Linux IPC on AM57xx

I made significant contributions to...

Compiler Installation and Selection
Linux Host Configuration - Ubuntu
DSP BIOS Debugging Tips
TSK stack content during context switching
DSP/BIOS Real-time Analysis (RTA) troubleshooting
Building DSPLink
DM36x Schematic Review Checklist
Getting started with IUNIVERSAL
OMAP-L1x Debug Gel Files
Rebuilding the Flash and Boot Utils Package
AM335x Clock Tree Tool
WL18xx WiFi Build Process
WL18xx Platform Integration Guide
WL18xx System Build Scripts
AM335x board bringup tips
CC256x Advanced Voice and Audio Features