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NJC is the author of NJC's MSP430 LaunchPad Blog. He is a community member and not an employee of Texas Instruments.

About NJC

As of August 2010, NJC is an Electrical Biomedical Engineering student who hopes to help the MSP430 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430G2) community grow by providing guides and projects on his blog. His interests lie in Biomedical Sensing and applications for Electrical Engineering in Neural Interfaces and Neural Prosthesis. He has worked at multiple companies doing a wide variety of Electrical Engineering work, and has quite an extensive background in Embedded Systems and other Electrical Engineering topics.

Currently he is working on a Brain Computer Interface which will use multiple MSP430's and other analog components. He started with microcomputers a long time ago when he was a hobbyist; now his hobby is his profession.

The Blog

NJC's MSP430 LaunchPad Blog

The blog will not only contain guides and projects for beginners, but will also contain more advanced projects pertaining to NJC's own personal project. Eventually there are plans to open a small store which would sell expansion boards (Shields) and possibly BaseBoards.

He is open to any suggestions and comments pertaining to the blog. He can be contacted through his blog or through email at


  1. NJC's MSP430 LaunchPad Blog