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Using the serial adapter of XDS100

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The XDS100-class emulators are based on a device (FT2232H) that is a High-speed USB to a dual-channel UART, also commonly known as a USB to serial port, USB to COM port or USB to RS232 port adapter.

The TI XDS100v2 reference design uses the port A of the FT2232H for JTAG. This leaves the port B available for use either to program the CPLD and/or for use as a UART. The XDS100v2 design puts the CPLD JTAG programming on a selected number of pins (see XDS100v2 readme for details). This allows the CPLD to be programmed via the FTDI device, greatly simplifying manufacturing.

How to configure it


The low-level device driver installed with Code Composer Studio is provided directly from FTDI, therefore it natively supports the dual port operation.
1. Connect the XDS100v2 emulator to your PC

2. Open the Device Manager to inspect if the emulator was properly recognized. It can be opened either from Control Panel --> System or right-click on My Computer --> Properties, then tab Hardware.

3. Check if the two ports of the emulator are correctly recognized.

4. Right-click on the TI XDS100 Channel B and select tab Advanced. Make sure the option Load VCP is checked and click OK to save any changes.

  • Optionally you can check the channel A to see if this option is not selected (so JTAG emulation works correctly).

5. Still from within the Device Manager, expand the section Ports and locate the entry USB Serial Port (COMnn). The value nn is the number of the serial port configured by Windows for your emulator.

  • Other COM ports may be available in your computer, therefore make sure you check the correct one.

XDS100 UART port.PNG

6. With the COM port number available, simply open the terminal program of your choice and configure it properly, according to the parameters of your board.

7. Code Composer Studio can also be used normally to perform JTAG debugging, simultaneously with the serial operation.