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Watchpoints for C28x in CCS 3.3

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This page shows an example of how to setup Hardware watchpoints in CCS 3.3 for the C28x CPU. This feature is available through the C28x Emulator Analysis (CCS menu Tools->C28x Emulator Analysis)

Configure a Data Watch Point

Step 1: Make sure you have configured CCS 3.3 for a C28x target and have connected to the target.

Step 2: Open the menu item: Tools->C28x Emulator Analysis

Step 3: Right-click on the emulator analysis window and select AU1 Setup


Step 4: In the Bus Address Monitor tab, enter the bus address, like &GpioDataRegs (if GpioDataRegs is the variable to watch) and select "Data memory writes" or "Data memory reads" depending on whether read or write access is monitored


Step 5: Make sure that in the "Action" tab, the action "Break" is selected to halt the processor


Step 6: Click OK. Now when you run your program you should halt every time address of GpioDataRegs is written to or read from.

More information on the C28x Emulator Analysis can be found in CCS Help, under topic Debugging Windows and Analysis Tools->Analysis Tools(Generic).