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Watchpoints for C28x in CCS 4

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This page describes how to setup Hardware watchpoints in CCS 4 for the C28x CPU.

This feature was made available for C28x as of CCS V4.1.2. It was not available in earlier CCS 4 releases.

This short video clip shows how to set up C28x data watchpoints in CCSv5 which is similar to the process in CCSv4.
C28x Data Watchpoint

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Configure a Data Watch Point

Make sure you have Code Composer Studio 4.1.2 or later. This feature was not implemented for C28x in prior releases of CCS V4.

Step 1: Make sure you have configured CCS 4 for a C28x target and have connected to the target.

Step 2: In the Debug Perspective, Open the breakpoint dialog: View->Breakpoints

Step 3: Use the pulldown to select a new breakpoint and choose Hardware Watchpoint


Step 4: Specify the address you want to watch, and if it is a read or write access.


Step 5: Right click on the watchpoint and select Properties.


Step 6: From this dialog box you can further configure the watchpoint:

  • Configure a data read/write of a particular value from the address.
  • Configure the size of the data
  • Configure a mask value (bits that will be ignored)