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Which instrumentation tools should I use with SYS/BIOS?

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Two sets of visual analysis tools are available for accessing instrumentation data within Code Composer Studio (CCS). These are the RTA Tools and the System Analyzer tools. Both are available from the Tools menu.

  • RTA Tools: The RTA tools can be used to obtain stop-mode data from an application running on any target supported by SYS/BIOS if you configure the Agent module to be used.
    In previous versions of SYS/BIOS, the RTDX module was used together with the Agent module to gather run-time instrumentation data via JTAG from the target application. However, run-time RTDX was not available on many targets, and RTDX is no longer supported or recommended. The RTDX module is still provided for use in legacy applications, but it will not be enhanced or ported to additional targets. Learn More
  • System Analyzer: This new tool suite includes the target-side UIA package for instrumenting applications. SYS/BIOS thread execution and loads are instrumented by default. You can add additional UIA events to benchmark code and gather additional data. Tools are provided in CCSv5 (CCSv5.1 or higher is preferred) to view this data in tables and graphs. Multicore data correlation is also provided as a part of System Analyzer.
    Run-time data can be gathered via Ethernet for any target that has an NDK driver. Run-time data collection via JTAG is also provided for all C64x+ and C66x targets. Stop-mode data collection is provided for some additional targets listed in the UIA release notes.
    System Analyzer is the recommended instrumentation solution for new applications. However, System Analyzer is not yet supported for all targets, even for stop-mode data gathering. In addition, System Analyzer is not available for CCSv4. For unsupported targets or if you are not ready to upgrade to CCSv5, you should continue to use the RTA tools in stop-mode. Learn More

The Using Runtime Object Viewer Runtime Object Viewer (ROV) is a stop-mode debugging tool provided by XDCtools. It is supported whether your application is configured to use the RTA Tools via the Agent module or System Analyzer via the UIA package.