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WinCE Applications

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WinCE Applications

User information concerning applications that have been found to work on the WinCE BSPs although they were not originally developed for that platforms. This are binary packages and sources are not available.

In some cases the default install mode may not work as the provided files are packaged in a format that is not compatible with WinCE 6.0 (e.g. .cab files with platform limitations). In this cases it is necessary to manually unpack and install the programs. There are some cab extraction tools available that might help with that.

We do not comment on the licenses that are associated with mentioned programs. However in many cases they will be free.

OMAP3 WinCE 6.0 BSP Applications

Program Name Description Download Comments
Foxit Reader PDF Reader CE 5.0 version The download includes an executable for WinCE 5.0 that is also working on 6.0
Total Commander CE/Pocket File manager and system tool for WinCE Total Commander Forum Requires manual install but works great. Supports registry editing. FTP/network plugins not tested.
Qt 4.5.x Application development framework Qt downloads see the Qt category for configuration and install details
Datalight Reliance Nitro File System Provides an alternative to using FAT/exFAT/T-exFAT on Windows CE. Allows for faster performance on all I/O operations as well as providing data reliability against corruption. Currently available in source format (requires a free source code eval agreement). Will be soon available as a binary to use directly on the Beagle Board. Datalight
Adeneo Embedded Bluetooth Manager Enhance Bluetooth communications with Windows Embedded CE on OMAP based platform. Provides Bluetooth devices enumeration, authentication, pairing as well as local and remote profiles connexion such as SPP, FTP, OPP, DUN, PAN, HSP, etc... Adeneo Embedded Bluetooth manager Free binary evaluation version available for download. One time fee / royalty free license for full version, available in binary or source code