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This page gives information for users attempting to packages with XDC and getting java out of memory error.


When compiling a XDC package which internally allocates huge amount of memory. For example see below,

TableEntry   table[];
obj.table.length  = 1000; /* Allocates memory from JVM */

Here memory is allocated when length member of this array is assigned some value. If this value is large, it throws java.lang.OutOfMemory error.


1. Go to controlpanel and click on Java icon XDC OOM Step1.PNG

2. Click on Java tab XDC OOM Step2.PNG

3. Click on first view button XDC OOM Step3.PNG

4. Add -Xms256m or -Xms512m or -Xms1024m to the Java Runtime Parameters field XDC OOM Step4.PNG

5. For JRE which comes with XDC packages, click on Find button XDC OOM Step5.PNG

6. Click next button XDC OOM Step6.PNG

7. Locate XDC JRE directory XDC OOM Step7.PNG

8. Click finish button XDC OOM Step8.PNG

Now you can perform step4 to increase memory for this JRE distribution.