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The XDS510-class are JTAG Debug Probes. This class of Debug Probe supports both the standard IEEE1149.1 and the legacy MPSD standard and is available in both USB and LPT (printer port/parallel port) host interfaces. Legacy versions used the 16-bit ISA Bus.

This class of Debug Probes is mostly suitable to be used with TI DSPs (C3x, C4x, F24x, F28x, C54x, C55x, C60x, C61x, C671x, C672x) and early ARM devices (ARM7 TMS470, OMAP).

  • For the newer devices, its use is discouraged in favor of the newer Debug Probe classes: the high performance XDS560v2 and the lower cost variants XDS200, XDS110 and XDS100.

XDS510 products are no longer available from TI but a few partners still sell them. Check the section Part Numbers below.


Note: as of 6/24/2010, RTDX and HS-RTDX are no longer supported. Alternative transports should be considered for the acquision of data, such as serial ports and ethernet. If you are currently using the technology and have no issues, there is no need to change but no support is provided.

Part Numbers

Very few manufacturers still manufacture XDS510-class Debug Probes. A list of the current models is shown below for convenience, but always check the availability, support and device compatibility with the manufacturer before purchasing.

IEEE1149.1 USB

IEEE1149.1 LPT



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