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XDS560 TraceFAQ

When using TraceDisplay, what's the meaning of the up/down arrow in the beginning of each line?

These are indicators of a PC Discontinuity in the Trace Output. They are implemented with reverence to an address page that would have 0x0 at the top, and 0xFFFFFFFF at the bottom. An up arrow indicates a discontinuity to a lower address. A down arrow indicates a discontinuity to a higher address.

Where can I learn more about XDS560 Trace?

Can I use XDS560 Trace with just a standard XDS560?

What do I need to do to design in the XDS560 Trace Header?

How much memory is available on the XDS560 Trace Buffer?

  • Initially, the XDS560 Trace Buffer supported only 224Kb of memory. Now, extended buffer memory is available through a software update. The new Extended Buffer Memory (EBM) is user configurable between 256K abd 64Mb (in increments of 256k)

I've been using the standard Trace with 224Kb memory capacity. What needs to be done to get access to the 64mB Extended Buffer Memory?

  • Nothing needs to be done to the Trace Pod, all trace Pods have the Full 64Mb of memory. However, a software update is needed, and it's contained in CCS 3.3 SR8 (or later)

How do I configure the size of the XDS560 Trace Extended Buffer Memory?

  • This setting can be found in the dialog obtained by selecting Tools->XDS560 Trace->Control. There is a drop-down box which enables the selection.

What is the XDS560 Emulator?

  • Please see this link for more information XDS560.

Where can I learn more about how to turn the trace system on and off?

I am having trouble with my JTAG connection. Where can I learn how to find and fix the problem?

Does the XDS560 Trace unit support HSRTDX?

  • No, the XDS560 Trace pod does not support HSRTDX.

How can I turn on Logging for Trace for TI support?

  • Set the environment variable TI_TRACE_LOGGING to be equal to 6.
  • To turn on trace logging in Windows:
  1. Quit CCS.
  2. Right click on the “MyComputer” icon on your desktop.
  3. Select “Properties”.
  4. In the System Properties dialog, click on the “Advanced” tab.
  5. In the Advanced tab, click on the “Environment Variables” button.
  6. In the “Environment Variables” dialog, under the “User variables” group, verify that the “TI_TRACE_LOGGING” environment variable exists and has a value of 6. Create it if it is not there.
  7. Click “OK” in all dialogs.
  8. Restart CCS.
  9. Reproduce the problem, noting what steps were performed in what order.
  10. If the problem is in the trace data:
    1. Send the C:\Users\UserName\.TI-trace\ti_trace_log_MMDDYY_PID.txt file.
    2. Zip file of Trace Analyzer/Display TDF file
    3. Application .OUT file (optional)

Can I get Trace if I use the simulator?