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XDS GDB Agent GUI was removed from later versions of the emupack. This page is only available for reference purposes.

Launch the XDS GDB Agent GUI Server

Perform the following steps to launch and configure the XDS GDB Agent GUI. You can invoke the XDS GDB Agent in a GUI or console mode.

  • The XDS GDB Agent is found in the folder where the EMUPack is installed. If EMUPack is installed in the default directory, it can be found in the folder ‘C:/ti/ccsv6/ccs_base/common/uscif’.
  • Launch the XDS GDB Agent GUI: gdb_agent_gui.exe.
    • Press the ‘Configure’ button and select the board configuration .dat file for your target. Please see section below for the instructions to generate a board .dat file for your target
    • Press the ‘Start’ button. The GDB server agent is now started
    • The 'Targets' combo box list all the available cores for debugging. When a specific target core is selected, corresponding port number is shown just below the combo box.

GDB agent app

Launching multiple instances of the XDS GDB Agent server

If you intend to connect to multiple target devices via different JTAG debuggers, launching multiple instances of the XDS GDB Agent GUI server is required.

However, to uniquely identify each instance the TCP port number must be changed. This is accomplished by the environment variable GDB_AGENT_INIT_PORT

Therefore to be able to run two instances of the GDB agent you can open a DOS command line and run the following:

C:\ti\ccsv6\ccs_base\common\uscif>set GDB_AGENT_INIT_PORT=56000

Which will yield the following scenario after running each instance, configuring each target and connecting to each one via GDB: (click to expand)

XDS GDB Agent dual instance.PNG